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Koffee with Karan Season 7 Episode 5 Review & Recap ( Aamir Khan and Kareena Kapoor)

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Karan has invited Aamir Khan and Kareena Kapoor to this episode to promote Laal Singh Chaddha and show was at its best whenever Kareena was talking but Aamir was pretty boring also this episode features the worst rapid Fire round in the show’s history as both Kareena and Aamir declined to answer most questions. Overall This episode was fairly boring and showed that Aamir Khan is pretty boring and Karan was too focussed on him which meant that episode turned out boring despite Kareena

Kareena had to do a Screen test for her role in Laal Singh Chaddha

For the first time in 22 years in the industry, Kareena had to do a screen test for getting the role of Rupa in Laal Singh Chaddha which her husband Saif encouraged her to do because Aamir was looking for a 25-year-old and was not looking at established actresses.

Who was the Heroine with Kareena in an ad who was supposed to be in Laal Singh Chaddha ?

Aamir told that they were considering a girl who was debuting and they were looking at casting her and were seeing her ad and in the same ad Kareena was also there and then they went with Kareena  That girl was likely Manushi Chillar and the ad was Malabar Gold Ad below

RRR and KGF 2 Working and Aamir’s style of movies not working

Karan said that Aamir due to his style of working and tonality brought about a change with Dil Chahta Hain, Lagaan, and Rang De Basanti, and now such movies no longer work but south movies like RRR, Pushpa, and KGF 2 work and Aamir is to blamed for current box office crisis in Bollywood. Aamir reverts that whatever kind of movie you make pick a relevant topic and focus on emotions that touch people’s hearts and the movie will work.

Aamir is worried about box office of Laal Singh Chaddha

Aamir is worried about Laal Singh Chaddha’s box office numbers

Kareena Doesn’t Watch Her Own Movies

Karan asks Kareena that since you don’t watch her own movie so she must be completely unaffected by all these box office performance issues and Kareena confirmed that she hadn’t watched Laal Singh Chaddha also.

Aamir Doesn’t Like K3G and Karan’s  other movies

Aamir Khan said that he doesn’t like K3G but politely said that he liked Kareena’s Poo character in that movie Aamir doesn’t even like KANK but he likes Kuch Kuch Hota Hain and Lust Stories

Aamir Khan’s Ex-wives and Kareena’s stepfamily

Aamir Khan has good relations with his ex-wives and he visits them every week. Kareena’s relationship with Sara and Ibrahim is good and she knows that Saif should give time to them also and wonders why is this even an issue.

Aamir Khan is Clueless and Fairly Boring

Karan asked questions about Ranveer Singh’s thirst pictures which Aamir Khan was clueless about plus he had no clue about most of the other parts of Bollywood mixing up Rohit Sharma with Rohit Shetty that shows that one he has no touch with the new generation but also he is pretty uninterested about it and also about the rest of Bollywood

Kareena Kapoor was Too Controlled

Kareena didn’t answer most of the rapid-fire rounds and let Aamir win the rapid-fire round with some of the worst answers. Karan also asked Kareena that she no longer calls him to ask about the latest gossip and she has become boring to which Kareena said that people change with time

Koffee With Karan:

Indian chat program Koffee with Karan, which is presented by director and celebrity Karan Johar and features celebrities.  The show premiered on November 19, 2004, and has aired seven seasons over the course of eighteen years.

Koffee With Karan Release Date:

12 1m on August 4, 2022 ( India) on Disney Plus Hotstar

Where to Watch

On Disney Plus Hotstar

Koffee With Karan Guest List:

Karan Johar
Aamir Khan

Kareen Kapoor

Lionel Fernandes

Fazila Allana
Kamna Nirula Menezes

Koffee With Karan Timings:

Every Thursday at 7 pm ( Today’s episode was dropped at 12 am)

Number of Episodes: 20-22

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