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Aashram Season 3 Review

User Rating: 2.83

Average Ratings:2.83/5
Score: 50% Positive
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Ratings:.3.5/5 Review By: Pallabi Site: Times Of India

In this season, however, despite no substantial changes, he falters to keep us hooked. Soon after the quick recap and joining of dots from the season before, Jha struggles to stay on one single track—we have the tribal rebellion, there’s a faint sense of restlessness in primary characters and a certain someone climbing the ranks only to reveal later he/she is upto no good… yet again! Trigger warning: mild disappointment ahead.

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Ratings: Review By: Shubhra Site: Indian Express

The series had abandoned its caste-and-class sharpness, director Prakash Jha’s forte, by the second season. That’s what kept us watching in the first place, as it went about exploring the world of self-proclaimed godmen, the kind that wield so much power in spheres which affect us, without our knowledge. This time around, it’s just ten episodes of tedium.

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Ratings:.2.5/5 Review By: Saibal  Site: NDTV

The show spans nearly seven hours, often running low on fuel. No matter how much the victims of the Baba’s frauds and misdemeanours try to make him pay for his crimes, they always have their back to the wall. Nirala is way too powerful for them. Ek Badnaam… Aashram 3, which only sporadically springs to life, banks on unequal battles. The show is, therefore, inevitably, and frequently, left to scramble for devices that can help the sprawling narrative stay on course.

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Ratings:.2.5/5 Review By: Chirag  Site: News18

If you have watched the first two seasons of Aashram, you are surely very excited for the third season of the show. However, you will be disheartened to know that Aashram 3 might leave you disappointed. Aashram 3 revolves around Pammi Pahelwan saving her life from Baba Nirala, fighting against him and revealing how he is a sexual offender in the name of a self-proclaimed god. However, in 9 out of 10 episodes of around 40 minutes each, the plot did not see any major development at all.As far as the current season is concerned, it only looks stretched and could have been easily shortened to combine with what-so-ever season four is planning to bring. it’s not boring but brings very less development to its plot.

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Ratings:. Review By: Abhimanyu  Site: Hindustan Times

Aashram tries hard to be a smart show but it fails because it isn’t smartly-written. The show takes a concept and incidents from the real world and sets them in some make-believe world where things are exaggerated and fake. The depiction of judicial and investigative processes is so amateur that it becomes laughable. The realism is missing, which wasn’t the case when it began two years ago. The realism is what made Aashram successful in the first place in seasons one and two. Season 3 ends with a teaser for the fourth season, which means the show shall go on. But for its own sake, I do hope that it either gets back on track or ends before it is reduced to a shadow of itself. Aashram’s third season begins streaming on MX Player from June 3.

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Aashram Season 3 Story:

The story revolves around a preacher Baba Nirala (Bobby Deol), whose followers (mostly from the disadvantaged sections of the society) have blind faith in him and will do anything that he asks of them. But in reality, Baba Nirala is a conman turned godman, who ensures that his devotees devote their wealth to him and stay attached to the ashram for life

Aashram Season 3 Release Date:

June 3, 2022 ( India) on Mx player

Aashram Season 3 Cast:

Bobby Deol as Kashipur Waale Baba Nirala / Monty Singh
Chandan Roy Sanyal as Bhopa Bhai/Bhopa Swami/Bhupendra Singh
Aaditi Pohankar as Parminder aka Pammi
Tushar Pandey as Satti aka Satwinder Lochan
Darshan Kumar as SI Ujagar Singh
Anupriya Goenka as Dr. Natasha
Tridha Choudhury as Babita

Prakash Jha

Prakash Jha

Number of Episodes: 10

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