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FIR Tamil Movie Review (Faizal Ibrahim Rais)

User Rating: 3

Average Ratings: 3/5
Score:100% Positive
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Ratings:3/5 Review By: M Suganth Site:Times Of India

If the first half leaves us with a rush, the second half feels rushed. The film, which until then seemed quite rooted in reality, begins to suddenly veer into over-the-top territory with scenes that make us question their plausibility. There’s also a bit of mother sentiment that feels tonally off from the rest of the film (just like the scenes involving a hacker, played by Prashanth). We do get a twist that sort of explains some of Irfan’s actions, but it also gives rise to a different set of questions. As a result, the climax, with shades of The Family Man and Vishwaroopam, doesn’t feel as nail-biting as it should have been.Thankfully, the rapid editing (GK Prasanna) and the pulsating background score (by Ashwath) ensure that the film manages to move at a breakneck pace, and manage to stop us from thinking about logic and help the film keep us engaged.

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Ratings: Review By: Srinivasa Site: The Hindu

FIR’s strength and weakness are somehow the same thing: its speed. With multiple cities like Chennai, Bangalore and Kochi being showcased within a few minutes, this racy script might be a little tough to follow for people who are used to gentler, slower films. Various characters get introduced, and before you can register them, the film moves on to another character, another location. But the speed keeps the viewer interested, which could well work in its favour in the theatres, which are finding it hard to draw audiences who are used to consuming content in the comfort of their homes on OTT platforms.

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FIR Plot:

Irfan, an innocent man with an ordinary life, is portrayed as the evil incarnated by media trials. Is there a journey back to normal life for a man accused of terrorism? Is there more to Irfan than what meets the eye?

FIR Release Date:

Feb 11, 2022 ( India) straight to Theaters

FIR Cast:

Vishnu Vishal
Gautham Vasudev Menon
Reba Monica John
Manjima Mohan
Raiza Wilson
Vignesh Vijayan

FIR Director:

Manu Anand

FIR Producer:

Aryan Ramesh

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