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Gangubai Kathiawadi Review

User Rating: 3.75
Gangubai Kathiawadi Review

Average Ratings: 3.75/5
Score:100% Positive
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Ratings:4/5 Review By: Taran Adarsh Site: Twitter

#SLB is a magician, gets it right yet again… Powerful story + terrific moments + bravura performances [#AliaBhatt is beyond fantastic, #AjayDevgn outstanding]… UNMISSABLE. SLB is known to extract the very best from his actors and #GangubaiKathiawadi reiterates this fact… #AliaBhatt outdoes herself, looks ethereal, delivers career-best performance… #AjayDevgn lights up screen everytime he appears, packs a solid punch.

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Ratings: Review By: Komal Nahta Site: Zee ETC Bollywood Business

On the whole, Gangubai Kathiawadi is a definite box-office winner. It is a superb human drama which will do well, more so in the big cities and multiplexes. The film holds special appeal for the ladies. It has the potential to do hit business in some circuits.

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Ratings: Review By: Anupama Chopra Site: Filmcompanion

What takes this film beyond the rigorously composed, beautifully lit, signature SLB frames is the thumping storytelling. In some of his films, like Saawariya or Guzaarish, Sanjay creates airless, hermetically sealed worlds which seem populated by ideas rather than flesh and blood beings. But Gangubai Kathiawadi throbs with old-school melodrama and dialogue-baazi. When Gangu talks about herself in third person saying, ‘Gangu chand thi aur chand hi rahegi,’ you cheer for her. When she introduces herself to a journalist as Gangubai, prostitute, you applaud. When sitting with prime minister Nehru, she quotes Sahir Ludhianvi from Pyaasa, saying: Jinhe naaz hai Hind par, woh kahaan hain? You instantly tear up.

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Ratings:3.5/5 Review By: Ronak Site: Times Of India

If you’re seeking a real peek into Gangubai’s life, also known as Mumbai’s Mafia Queen, then you will be left yearning for more. But even with whatever is packed into this drama, there are enough moments that will draw you into this world where nights seem endless and the lights never fade.

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Ratings:3.5/5 Review By: Tushar Joshi Site:India Today

Gangubai is not perfect. The film is about the choices she makes. There is very little emphasis on the wrong turns she makes in her journey to reach the top and meet the Prime Minister of the country to champion her cause. Gangubai Kathiawadi’s camera work, background score and dialogues are the three pillars that take it from being just another gutsy biopic to a film that creates a massive impact. Gangubai is a solid risk for both Bhansali and Alia. A risk that pays off beautifully for both the director and his muse.

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Ratings:4/5 Review By: Shubham Site: Koimoi

It is Sanjay Leela Bhansali making a movie for himself. His ode to the era and the things he holds close to the heart. Watch it for Alia Bhatt giving her career-best performance as turning into the Madame many thought she could not.

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Ratings:3.5/5 Review By: Sukanya Site: Rediff

This is Alia Bhatt’s show though, one hundred percent. Like all of Bhansali’s Gujju girls, Nandini and Leela, Gangubai is a livewire, a fountain of passionate impulses. Alia looks like Nanda in Prem Rog, but there is Amitabh Bachchan’s swagger in her head-on attitude and Rekha’s oomph in her saucy seduction.It’s a consciously showy performance, very theatrical of a woman coming into her own from an unlikely background at an unlikely age in an unlikely era.

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Ratings:4/5 Review By: Peter Site: Guardian

This fictionalised version omits any violence in which Gangubai was reportedly involved and drugs are demurely replaced with alcohol being sold on the premises; when Gangubai finally evolves from being a mafia queen into a revered Mother India figure, blessed by smiling sex workers all around Mumbai, the movie loses a bit of its voltage. But there is terrific verve and audacity in this picture and some spectacular fantasy-musical setpieces. In fact, it is the streak of schmaltz within the gruesomeness which gives the story its outrageous energy. There is an entertainingly brazen quality to this movie, a brashness and recklessness to go with the mawkishness: it has a storytelling killer instinct

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Gangubai Kathiawadi Plot:

Born into an affluent family in Kathiawad, Ganga Harjivandas aspired to become a Bollywood actress. At the tender age of 16, she fell in love with Ramnik Lal who was her father’s accountant. They eloped to Mumbai and got married. But, her whole life turned upside down as he sold her to a brothel in Kamathipura for Rs 500 where she forcefully had to start prostitution. Later, she became a powerful brothel madame Gangubai Kathiawadi and won elections of the area where she lived (Kamathipura). Don Rahim Lala became her sworn brother after he beat a man of his gang who raped her. She used to advocate for women rights and equal rights for sex workers.

Gangubai Kathiawadi Release Date:

Feb 25, 2022 ( India) straight to Theaters

Gangubai Kathiawadi Cast:

Alia Bhatt as Ganga Harjivandas aka Gangubai Kathiawadi
Shantanu Maheshwari as Afsaan
Vijay Raaz as Raziabai
Indira Tiwari as Kamli

Gangubai Kathiawadi Director:

Sanjay Leela Bhansali

Gangubai Kathiawadi Producer:

Jayantilal Gada
Sanjay Leela Bhansali

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