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Vikrant Rona Review

User Rating: 2.53

Average Ratings: 2.53/5
Score:67% Positive
Reviews Counted:9

Ratings: Review By: Anupama Chopra Site: Filmcompanion

Somewhere inside Vikrant Rona is a surprising, spooky saga about a daredevil cop with a tragic backstory. But before you get there – roughly in the last half an hour or so – you have to endure an incredibly convoluted story about a remote village where murder seems routine. Bhandari clearly has the talent for world building, but it feels like in this film, he became so enamored of the hyper-stylised telling that the tale became unnecessarily contorted. Honestly, I’m still trying to connect some of the dots.

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Ratings: Review By: Komal Nahta Site: Zee ETC Bollywood Business

Anup Bhandari has written a revenge story but it is so confusing that the audience gets put off. Adding to the viewers’ tale of woes is the fact that the actors are mostly unrecognisable faces (as they are from the Kannada film industry) and, what’s more, the characters they play have such difficult names that it is a task to keep track of the characters and the actors. Anup Bhandari’s screenplay is also written in a way that the drama goes back and forth — slips into flashbacks and then returns to the present times — a number of times, confusing the audience even more. On the whole, Vikrant Rona is too confusing for the Hindi film-going audience and, therefore, doesn’t stand much of a chance at the box-office.

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Ratings:3/5 Review By: Renuka Site: Times Of India

If you can overlook the shoddy first half, the second half is quite engaging and fairly watchable.If you are up for a decent horror mystery told in a loud and dramatic style, with an extra focus on Kiccha Sudeep’s swag, you wouldn’t mind this one. Vikrant Rona could evolve into a decent mystery series ahead packed with more dark adventures if the makers get rid of the unnecessary fluff. With so much potential, we wish this mysterious fantasy had risen to the occasion sooner.

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Ratings:3/5 Review By: Nairita Site: India Today

For Vikrant Rona shifts gears and makes us shift in our seats in the second half. What appeared as too many loose plots in the first are perfectly stitched together in the second. But even as the film goes up in a crescendo post interval, valuable time is lost. The twist in the penultimate moments, right before the climax, even though you had decoded it perhaps in the very first scene, still breaks your heart.

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Ratings:1.5/5 Review By: Shubhra Site: Indian Express

All you are left with is a string of questions. How does the insertion of so much blood and gore mesh with a film meant for kiddos? If the violence is to do with caste, why so much fudging, why not just say it? The humour is forced. Out of the blue, Jacqueline Fernandez comes on for an item number in which her athletic bouncing leaves nothing to the imagination. And a location which is clearly somewhere in the south has characters speaking in Hindi heavily laced with a Marathi accent. Is this what they mean by pan India?.

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Ratings:3/5 Review By: Shrishti Site: News18

Having said that, the story of Vikrant Rona doesn’t quite connect. Despite incorporating various comic, horror and thrilling elements, Vikrant Rona falters at several points. Not just that, the execution of the film also looks random at several places. The narrative goes overboard with avoidable and problematic humour. In the second half especially, Vikrant Rona appears to lose grip over the plot and the story goes haywire. Things become confusing and make the viewer restless and uneasy. Overall, Vikrant Rona is for hardcore Kiccha Sudeep fans who have been waiting for this film with bated breath. The film releases in theatres today.

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Ratings:2/5 Review By: Saibal Site: NDTV

Eventually, it does not really matter. Vikrant Rona isn’t interested in specificities. It seeks to overwhelm with the scale of its ambition. It falls well short of greatness but never stops trying. Whether one sees the film as a success or a failure depends on how one perceives the film’s persistent pursuit of thrills and shocks

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Ratings:2.5/5 Review By: Shubham Site: Koimoi

he dedication to create a movie that resembles a fantasy comicbook kind of world and even replicating it on the big screen. Also, Sudeep does have a unique charm. What’s Bad: Whoever wrote the dialogues for the Hindi dub needs to be finedVikrant Rona is indeed a unique film but with lot of things that can kill the impact. Maybe call this one a stepping stone to a comic book inspired universe that will be amazing someday.

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Ratings:2.75/5 Review By: 123Telugu Site: 123Telugu

On the whole, Vikrant Rona is a suspense drama that has great backdrop, solid performance by Sudeep, and amazing production values. The world created intrigues you but at the same time, the excess length and confusing screenplay side track the attention of the audience. If you are okay with the above said demerits, this film ends as a passable watch this weekend.

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Vikrant Rona Story:

Almost half a century ago, a remote village in the middle of a tropical rainforest starts witnessing a series of unexplainable events which they attribute to the supernatural.

Vikrant Rona Release Date:

July 28, 2022 ( India) straight to Theaters

Vikrant Rona Cast:

Nirup Bhandari
Neetha Ashok
Jacqueline Fernandez
Ravishankar Gowda

Vikrant Rona Director: 

Anup Bhandari

Vikrant Rona Producer: 

Shalini Jack Manju
Alankar Pandian

Vikrant Rona Production Companies:

Kichcha Creations
Shalini Arts
Invenio Films India

Vikrant Rona Distribution Companies:

Shalini Arts (Karnataka)
Salman Khan Films (Hindi)
PVR Pictures (Hindi)
Cosmos Entertainment through KFC Films (Andhra Pradesh and Telangana)
Zee Studios (Tamil Nadu)
Wayfarer Films (Kerala)
One Twenty 8 Media through Phars Films (Overseas)

Vikrant Rona Run Time: 

2 Hours 27 Minutes (147 minutes)

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