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Malayalam Box Office Collection 2022 ( Kerala , Mollywood) with Verdicts

Malayalam Box Office Collection 2021 2022 with Verdicts

List of all Kerala, Mollywood, and Box Office collections in India so far of all Malayalam movies in 2021-2022 includes Tamil Nadu Box Office, Kerala Box Office, and Karnataka Box Office. This list is updated on December 8, 2022. Movie Costs are estimates containing both Production and Print and Advertising costs. This list contains only Gross worldwide Collections it also includes overseas collections. Distributor share of the movies or the nett box office collections of these south India movies can be found on the individual movie pages

Latest Malayalam Box Office Report  (Mollywood)

Movie Name

Gross Worldwide Box Office Collection

Budget (Cost+ P&A)

Box Office Verdict (Hit Ya Flop)

Gold 10.85 Crore 10 Crore Average
Jaya Jaya Jaya Hey 43.55 Crore 10 Crore Super Hit
Mukundan Unni Associates 5 Crore 6 Crore Flop
Kooman 14 Crore 8 Crore Hit
Saturday Night 2.05 Crore 15 Crore Flop
Monster 9.8 Crore 20 Crore Flop
Padavettu 4.25 Crore 18 Crore Flop
Rorschach 39.5 Crore 20 Crore Hit
PS1  491.85 Crore 250 Crore Blockbuster
PS1 (Kerala) 23.15 Crore 250 Crore Blockbuster
Naane Varuvean (Kerala) 0.85 Crore 45 Crore Flop
Vendhu Thanindhathu Kaadu (Kerala) 2 Crore 40 Crore Flop
Pathonpatham Noottandu 10 Crore 20 Crore Flop
Brahmastra   400 Crore 410 Crore
Brahmastra (Kerala) 4.1 Crore 410 Crore Flop
PalthuJanwar 10 Crore 8 Crore Hit
Cobra(All Languages) 67.2 Crore 90 Crore Flop
Thallumalla 47.65 Crore 20 Crore Hit
Theerppu 1.9 Crore 15 Crore Flop
NnaThaanCaseKodu 34.01 Crore 5 Crore Super Hit
Liger ( All Languages)  70.34 Crore 110 Crore Disaster
Pappan 30.75 Crore 15 Crore Hit
Sita Ramam (Malayalam ) 8.5 Crore 30 Crore Hit
Sita Ramam (All Languages) 97.38 Crore 30 Crore Hit
Vikrant Rona (Malayalam) 1.76 Crore 95 Crore Flop
Vikrant Rona (All Languages) 113.9 Crore 95 Crore Average
Malayankunju 13.42 Crore 10 Crore Hit
Mahaveeryar 7.17 Crore 10 Crore Flop
Kaduva 50.75 Crore 20 Crore Hit
Rocketery 32.75 Crore 60 Crore Flop
Vikram  447.65 Crore 150 Crore All Time Blockbuster
CBI 5: The Brain 37 Crores 15 Crores Flop
Jana Gana Mana 51.8 Crores 15 Crores Blockbuster
Jo and Jo 25 Crores 12 Crores Hit
KGF Chapter 2 1235 Crore 100 Crore All Time Blockbuster
James 94.2 Crores 55 Crores Hit
Bheeshma Parvam 122.2 Crores 15 Crores Blockbuster
Super Sharanya 23 Crores 15 Crores Hit
Aaraattu 20.15 Crores 20 Crores Flop
Hridayam 53.1 Crores 17 Crores Blockbuster
Don  113.56 Crore 50 Crore Super Hit
Kaathu Vaakula Rendu Kadhal 64.1 Crore 40 Crore Hit
Beast  237.05 Crore 150 Crore Super Hit
RRR  1151 Crore 600 Crore All Time Blockbuster
Etharkkum Thunindhavan 103.42 Crore 75 Crore Hit
Valimai 200.25 Crore 150 Crore Super Hit
Pushpa  352 Crore 180 Crore Super Hit
Kurup 112 Crore 35 Crore Hit

All Time Highest Grossing Malyalam Movies by Worldwide Box Office  Collection


Movie Name

Box Office Collection Gross

Lucifer 215 Crore
Pulimurugan 152 Crore
Bheeshma Parvam  122 Crore
Mamangam 121 Crore
Kayamkulam Kochunni 120 Crore
Kurup 112 Crore
Drishyam 90 Crore
Premam 75 Crore
Two Countries 65 Crore


For Full List 25 Movies please see Top Highest grossing Tamil Movies of All time

Distributor Share is what actually is the real revenue of the movie.

Bollywood reports nett box office which is why crossover movies will see nett reported

Mollywood Movies are mostly released in Kerala ,Tamil Nadu and  Karnataka and dubbed into  Andhra, Telangana while some movies have started doing pan India release.


  1. This list is compiled from various sources and our research.
  2. This list includes only malyalam movies box office data
  3. The figures can be approximate and we do not make any claims about the authenticity of the data. However, they are adequately indicative of the box-office performance of the film(s)

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