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Bigg Boss 15 13th January 2022, Written Update Episode

In today’s episode, we start by Rashmi saying that Rakhi and Devoleena would definitely gift Pratik. Nishant says he’ll be playing his own game but Shamitabh says everyone will get the opportunity too. Nishant says “sanchalak” cannot decide which one comes first He says she cannot make the new rule. Shamita says now she has made some new rules and they’ll be going into a decided order. As Nishant and Shamita argue, Rakhi throws the bike parts into the water.

Bigg boss called Shamita and told her that shop man can be repeated. He refused to play the game. Verbal arguments happen between Shamita and Nishant Devoleena tries hard to persuade Nishant to play the game. Nishant claims that Shamita herself is confused because she has sided with Tejaswii.

At 6 pm, the buzzer rings. Rashmi gives pedal to Tejaswii and Rakhi says next he/she will go there, Nishant shares a conversation with Karan. She says she doesn’t understand why Shamita downgraded Tejaswi if he was trying to help her. Rashami jumps into the conversation between Nishant and Karan with Rashmi arguing with him. Karan wants Tejaswini to speak with Nishant because he thinks Rakhi might be doing some kind of mischief.

6:30 pm A buzzer ring goes off; Rakhi gives pedal to Pratik and Tejaswi; Karan tells them that the task has ended for the day and they need to take care of their cycles by themselves.

Tejaswii keeps insisting to keep her cycle inside the washroom but Pratik stops her from doing so. Bigg Boss asks them to keep their cycle on the stand. Seeing Karan trying to help Tejaswini, Pratik becomes angry at him for doing so. They argue with each other.

They both try to protect their cycles. Tejasswi tries to tighten her cycle part but Shamita intervenes and says to Tejasswi that she can’t perform the task as it is ended for the day. While playing the task, Pratik claimed Tejaswii was trying to harm him with the tool.

Devoleena tells her friend Rakhi not to believe anyone else but herself. She says she will support Pratik over Tejasswi. Abhijit decides to help Tejaswini. Rakhi decides to help Abhijit. Abhijit claims Devoleena used him for her game.

8:30 PM; Karan talks with Nishant and says he tries to decode Pratyush and Sharmi’s strategy. Afterwards, Tejaswini asked Nishant why hadn’t he tried fighting for himself. He says he is annoyed at the moment. He asks Tejasswi who all is supporting her. Tejaswini took Karan, Abhijit and Rashmi’s She convinces him to play the game for her sake.

Then, Nishant complains about Shamita supporting Rakhi over Tejaswi even though they’re different people. Shamita clarifies that she supported Rakhi seeing how she provides entertainment. “Nishant” tells Shamita that she has made an incorrect choice  Both decide to play independently.

While Pratik clarifies his stand to Nishant and says he will do the task. Shamita and Pratik get together and start discussing the strategy for the task

Shamit tells Pratik that she wants to make him win but if he plays well then he needs to be successful at his tasks.

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