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Bigg Boss 15 December 30 2021 Written Update : See Who gets Midweek Elimination Nomination

Bigg Boss 15 December 30

Day 89 at 7:30 pm Abhijit was not coming out even after everyone tells him to. Finally, Nishant puts water on him and he comes out and says that 28 minutes are over.

Rashmi and Umar fight why Rashmi was counting in front of Rakhi. Umar also tells her that whatever he says to her she should not tell it to Karan and Teja

8:30 pm: Rashmi is called next to task

Umar goes to bathroom to count and Shamita tracks him and tries to stop him

Devoleena and Pratik fight that why Devoleena is talking with Abhijit even after fighting so much.

Abhijit again asks Devoleena to wash his clothes and Devoleena cries after it

Devoleena and Tejaswi discuss this and she asks why is Pratik judging her

Umar is the next person to go to the box

Rashmi goes to the bathroom to count

Pratik and Devoleena fight when she tries to disrupt Umar’s task

Shamita and Nishant stop Rashmi when she tries to come to tell Umar but she finally manages to come and says it is two minutes late

Tejaswi is next to go inside the box

Pratik, Devoleena, and Abhijit try to distract Tejaswi

Pratik and Devoleena fight again about this task

Tejaswi comes out and thinks that she is on right time but rashmi thinks that she is 4 minutes

Karan stayed in box 34 min and 2 seconds

Abhijit: 1 hour and 9 Minutes

Rashmi: 33 Minutes and 58 seconds

Umar: 34 Minutes and 45 seconds

Tejaswi: 25 Minutes and 57 seconds

Tejaswi, Rashmi, and Karan were the closest to 28 minutes mark and so they managed to survive the nomination and they were to return the nomination

Tejaswi nominated Shamita

Rashmi nominated Devoleena

Karan nominated Pratik

Shamita, Devoleena, Pratik, Abhijit, Umar were nominated for this week.

Day 90

Rakhi says to Umar that Devoleena is sad for Abhijit while she likes Pratik

Abhijit sings a song for Devoleena

11:00 am Abhijit says that his mood never swings and talks with Devoleena

Rakhi dresses up again and talks to Abhijit about Devoleena why she says that so much bad about him yet he goes back after her.

Rakhi and Nishant tells Karan that he will bite all others and win the trophy

Lotus Glow Diva 2021 was held amongst all female contestants

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