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Bigg Boss 15 5th January 2022, Written Update Episode day 95, day 96

Day 94 at 9:15 pm Rashmi tells Karan that this is last week please handle the relationship with Tejaswi carefully

Karan says that if Tejaswi has so much faith in Pratik why are you with me when Pratik wants to throw me out of the show

Karan says that to Rashmi that I take guarantee for Umar

10:15 Karan says that I love you to Tejaswi

Tejaswi says that I am tired

Karan says that why are you supporting Pratik against me

Tejaswi says leave me alone to Karan

11:30 pm Karan and Tejaswi fight again Tejaswi throws water at him and Karan throws at the water at her

Tejaswi  says that we will do tit for tat

Day 95: 9:00 am Rakhi and Umar say that Rashmi and Devo are tired and that they should not do housework. On this Tejaswi fights with Umar

9:15 am Tejaswi fights with Karan over fact that Umar didn’t make tea for her but Umar made tea for Karan

Rakhi says that if your ladoo ( Tejaswi) comes to the finale she will win so please don’t try to make Ladoo into the finale.

Rakhi says that if Tejaswi is not into the finale then Karan your winning chance is highest

6:15 pm Rakhi , Tejaswi , Shamita fight over the fact that someone in girls toilet has not flushed before finally Shamita flush it.

7:00 pm Abhijit pushes Pratik that make tea for him Devoleena gets upsets at it

Umar and Rashmi fight over the same issue

Umar goes and rubs Devoleena’s leg to reduce her pain

Day 96

Rashmi rubs Devoleena as she is in pain

9:45 am Karan tells Tejaswi Rakhi doesn’t want to have Tejaswi in the finale and Nishant said to Rakhi use Shamita to break these two

Rakhi is saying Karan pick Shamita and leave Tejaswi

Karan tells Umar and Rashmi that Rakhi is trying to break them

Karan and Tejaswi fight

11:00 am Tejaswi says that let me talk and says to Karan that I am very smart and my fight is with you not with anyone else.

Tejaswi  says that Karan, Umar, and Rashmi are a gang that I am not part of

Karan says that Nishant will go out and confess his love for you

Day 96 at 3:00 PM  Shamita, Tejaswi, Pratik, Nishant, Devoleena, and Abhijit will play Ghar ka batwara

Devoleena and Tejaswi start the task with Devoleena has to defend against being unhygienic

Nishant comes as witness

Pratik comes as a witness saying that Tejaswi doesn’t take bath and doesn’t even brush

Rakhi supports Devoleena and  Karan, Umar , Rashmi supports  Tejaswi and Tejaswi wins the bathroom

Rakhi says that don’t take tejasawi name as she will win

Indoor garden: For task Stubborn Shamita Choose Abhijit

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