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Bigg Boss 15 January 1 2022 Written Update : Weekend Ka Vaar

The show opens with Dharmendra and Salman Khan on Hudd Dabang Dabang and Yeh Dosti Hum Nahin todenge.

All Contestants perform on Rafta Rafta and Main Jatt Yamla Pagla Deewana for Dharmendra

Salman Khan pulls Abhijit Bichikule’s leg in front of Dharmendra telling him that he wants to become a PM.

Everbody does cheers for Happy New Year with Dharmendra with Lassi

Abhijit Bichikule sings Aaj Mausam Bada Baimaan hain aana wala koi toofan hain for Dharmendra

Dharmendra does Sholay’s water tank scene with Salman Khan

Bharati shows up as Hema Malini’s Dream Girl

Bharati cracks jokes On Salman saying Salman Khan is Ghar ki Kheti while Dharmendra comes occasionally and they again sing Aaj Mausam Bada Baimaan Hain.

Bharati jokes about Salman Khan getting bit by a snake on his birthday telling it must be a Colors Nagin show.

Salman tells how about snake bit him three times

All the girl’s audition  for Basanti

Tejaswi sings, Shamita dances, Rakhi dances

Rashmi and Devoleena dance together

Bharati also dances

Umar and Pratik wear the Darmendra dress of Dharamveer

Umar and Pratik do the dangal  by Panja and Umar wins

Bharati tickles Salman Khan and he laughs a lot

Salman Khan gives everyone a degree for getting tasks canceled

Salman Khan asks who all is deserving top 5 finalists

Nishant , Pratik , Umar ,Tejaswi , Karan are the ones in top 5 as per their names Salman and asks others to go out

Shamita , Devoleena , Rashmi , Abhijit were supposed to go out but Salman doesn’t let them go.

Salman tells them if as per top 5 these people should have gone to top 5 as per votes why did you want to get task canceled why not let these top 5 people get into the finale.

Salman asks Umar why getting task canceled Umar was ready to play for Shamita but not for Pratik

Abhijit keeps on yawning and Salman gets angry and sends him to sleep

Salman asks why should audience  vote for them if they don’t vote for themselves

Umar had told Rashmi makers would not remove Tejaswi Salman scolds him for that

Salman  scolds Karan Kundra why was he shouting unfair or fair last week but why not this week Karan admits he was wrong and convenient

Shamita was scolded by Salman why she was shouting at Rakhi but not this time at Karan

Salman Khan gets angry as Shamita keeps on and on about putting effort.

Salman tells Shamita that its not all about you

Salman tells that everything is known to the audience

Salman that this is a problem that nobody is interested in Ticket to Finale week task and that it is his duty to tell it to everyone.

Salman Khan sends 4 new contestants Akanksha Puri, Surbhi Chandna, Vishal Singh, and Munmun Dutta to the house tomorrow.

Shamita and Rakhi fight over whose pain is bigger.

Shamita is upset that why did Salman target her

Nishant and Tejaswi think that she is overreacting

Tejaswi is upset why did Karan console Shamita

Bharati and Harsh go into the house to celebrate Happy New Year

Bharti and Harsh Play Left Swipe and Right Swipe game  Bichukle does right swipe to Devoleena, Rakhi, Rashmi and Shamita but sends Tejaswi left Swipe

When Rakhi plays she says that Karan will leave Tejaswi after leaving the house and Tejaswi is mad about karan and only playing for Karan

Rakhi says that Dveoleena likes it when Bichikule teases him

Bharati and Harsh give Rashmi’s house key to Umar in task

Karan and Tejaswi fight again over Karan consoling Tejaswi

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