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Bigg Boss 15 January 2, 2022, Written Update: Weekend Ka Vaar

Karan discusses with Nishant that Tejaswi takes her frustration on him and she was unable to speak on weekend ka vaar so she took it out on him

Pratik tells Shamita that she doesn’t need any validation

6:45 pm Rashmi says that there is an ashtray and pads in the girl’s washroom and somebody has rubbed something on the toilet she asks Rakhi if she has done it. Rashmi fights with Devoleena also Devoleena confirms that she will smoke and wipe on the wall.

Karan and Tejaswi fight over the fact that on weekend ka vaar he said something.

Karan and Tejaswi fight over the fact that he cries with Umar while she is all alone after every weekend ka vaar.

Tejaswi talks with Umar why he doesn’t support her

Devoleena and Abhijit sing a song

Karan and Tejaswi make up again

Umar pushes Karan against Tejaswi

Devoleena tells Pratik that Abhijit told her that “Tu Chameli Lag Rahi Hain”

Pratik tells this to Rakhi also

Pratik tells to Abhijit that you should speak correctly

Rakhi tells Tejaswi that why do you so much in front of the camera what happens outside the house if the marriage will happen or not.

Tejaswi tells that Devoleena and Pratik are more closer despite Devoleena having a boyfriend outside.

Devoleena also tells that Tejaswi that she  also has a boyfriend outside

Devoleena hugged Pratik and he said she is undergoing hormonal changes  than she hugged

Devoleena and Tejaswi talk and Devo says that she is showing too much closeness to Karan in the house.

Rakhi tells Pratik why are you hugging  Devo then Pratik fights with Rakhi and says that doesn’t become a mummy.

Rakhi goes and talks to Karan that don’t do so much that you make uncomfortable. Rakhi also tells Karan that Tejaswi has a boyfriend outside

Karan and Tejaswi talk about Tejaswi ‘s previous relationships

Abhijit says that why Devoleena kisses Pratik that is fine why if I ask that is fine

Abhijit diverts it to Tejaswi

Akanksha Puri, Surbhi Chandna, Vishal Singh, and Munmun Dutta  are shown who go inside the house to get task done

4:30 pm Bigg Boss says that Surbhi wear the mike all are wondering is Surbhi

Tejaswi says the famous line Sada kutta Tommy and Sada Kutta Kutta and was talking with Nishant and saying that same line in Marathi

Bigg Boss scolds them and ask them to speak in hindi

Bigg Boss tells them the words Kush Mijaj

Bigg Boss tells all the contestants about the four new contestants and they have the four ticket to finale weeks.

Bigg Boss is giving all the contestants chance to get those 4 tickets to finale week from those 4 contestants.

Devoleena is happy Vishal Singh is inside the house

in Fake house all 4 new contestants have to create a fake task and are given a script

all 4 contestants do fake tasks and videos are created

Surbhi eats fake Mirchi and does drama and do the fake task of eating 50 Mirchi’s

Vishal does push up with girl on top  and wins

Vishal will challenge Karan and Nishant

Karan and Nishant will do yes task and everybody can order anything to them

Tejaswi and Karan discuss that they should do more and more tasks so they will give more and more challenges

Pratik and Umar start fighting for Nishant and Karan

Bigg Boss explains the task to all of them

Pratik gives Mirchi to karan and karan was unable to eat

Tejaswi also gives the same to Nishant and Nishant was able to do it but he vomited it completely

but Karan gave the point to Nishant

Shamita asks her shoe to be made white

Rashmi asks  4 eggs to be juggled 10 times without breaking Pratik asks for a loop hole  but rakhi refuses and the Nishant refuses the task

Umar gives a task of red Mirchi and tobacco sauce without vomiting

Devolenna asks Karan to eat eggshell

Tejaswi asks Nishant to eat eggshell with onion  Nishant vomits it

Rakhi announces Karan is the winner

Shamita feels bad that she allowed Karan to get point easily

Fake house contestants do the fake ice melting task and Akansha wins it

Akansha challenges Umar and Tejaswi to do the task of Ice slab melting


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