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Bigg Boss 15 December 31 2021 Written Update : New Year Special

Bigg Boss 15 December 31 2021

Today is Salman Khan Happy new year Special

Episode starts with Salman Khan and Bharti  and her husband Harsh

All Contestants also produce one performance to welcome Happy New year.

All Contestants open a drink Salman opens a fruit juice.

Salman asks Nishant for the vibe he says that says it is Goodbye 2021 vibe

Salman asks contestants to share New year resolutions for someone else and paste a sticky note

Shamit gives to Abhijit talk less about himself and more about others

Rashmi also gives to Abhijit don’t manipulate your friendship to get work done by others

Karan gives it to Devoleena don’t share all your opinions with others

Umar gives it to Tejaswi please identify your friends correctly

Abhijit gives it to Devoleena please give less Gaali

Rakhi gives it to Tejaswi let Karan also come to our side

Tejaswi gives it to Karan only make me as my resolution and what you believe in you voice it

Devoleena gives it to Pratik Life is indeed beautiful don’t be too harsh on yourself

Pratik gives it to Rakhi don’t say hurtful things to people who love you

Nishant gives it to Pratik if you think it is right doesn’t mean its always right

Shilpa Shetty does a video call to talk with Shamita Shetty

Shamita Shetty starts crying

Shilpa says that both sisters are strengths of each other,

Shlipa says that she is praying that for the first time that Shamita stays as long as possible outside

Shamita’s mom also shows up to support her

Shekhar Rajvani comes up and performs Disco Deewane, Swag Se Karenge Sab ka Swagat

Abhijit Sings

Karan and Umar dance on Slow Motion Song from Bharat

Rakhi and Shamita dance on Breakup Song

Palak Tiwari daughter of Shweta Tiwari enters on Cindrella Song

Anu Malik arrives singing Ek Garam Chai ki Pyaali ho and Unchi Hain Building

Jannat Zubair and Siddharth Nigam arrive dancing on Wallah Wallah

Ishan Khan singer of Wallah Wallah also arrives on the stage

Waluscha D Souza arrives dancing  on Bollywood Waala Dance

The episode ends with Contestants cutting cake and Salman Khan wishing everyone a Happy New Year
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