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Bigg Boss 15 28th December 2021 Written Update: Ticket to Finale Task

Today’s episode starts on Day 87 evening at 7:30 PM Tejaswi as Team Green was playing alone against Nishant, Shamita and Devoleena but with Umar and Karan helping her from outside. Rakhi decided that Team Green won the first round Tejaswi decided to put Shamita out but still Team Red had two members while Team green only had Tejaswi.

Bigg Boss said that there were fewer members left in team green so they were nominated directly thus Karan, Tejaswi, and Umar got nominated along with Rashmi and Abhijeet.

8:15 pm Umar raised why did Devoleena not choose Tejaswi but She said that her first priority is Rakhi, Second Pratik and third is Tejaswi. Umar said the same thing to Karan that why did you not fight with Tejaswi for Rashmi’s sake. Karan said that Tejaswi is playing her game alone because she is on her own ego trip

8:45 pm Umar started fighting with Nishant over the fact that in the last task you wanted Devoleena in nomination why did you change they have a heated argument. Rashmi also joined in the same argument

9:30 pm Rashmi and Umar discuss about the task and how Nishant is playing smartly and how he only looks at only his survival and how much he backstabs

10:00 pm  Pratik is asking Abhijeet to wash utensils and he carries him to get it done having fun. Rakhi curses everyone for stealing food items from the VIP room in a fun way. Rakhi finds stuff from Abhijeet’s  bed and goes after him about why he stole

10:30 pm Tejaswi is asking Karan what was his discussion with Umar. Why did Rashmi try to be friends with Karan but not with Tejaswi? Tejaswi is asking whom will Karan support while Karan asks vice versa who will Tejaswi support

11:00 pm Abhijeet thinks Tejaswi named him but she clarified that she named Rashmi. Tejaswi fights with Umar because she thinks she said it to Abhijeet.

11:30 pm Karan tries to pacify Umar asking him that why are you upset over Rashmi and asks Tejaswi to go away

11:45 pm Rashmi and Umar discuss about Tejaswi

Day 88 1:00 am Karan and Tejaswi again have a tiff

8:00 am Contestants wake up to agal bagal song Abhijeet and Deboleena discuss clothes and Abhijeet makes a pass again at her.

2:30 pm Rakhi asks Umar and Rashmi if they can play for Pratik

Deboleena tells Abhijeet that she is not comfortable with his touch

4:00 pm Ticket to Final week task starts between BB gift shop all 4 contestants will deliver gifts while rest of them  will be shopkeeper who will make gifts for people whom they support

4:30 pm Karan, Tejaswi, Umar, Rashmi decide that they don’t want anyone to make and they get Abhijeet to be convinced so that task can be canceled

Pratik doesn’t give word to anyone

The first-round shopkeeper becomes Abhijeet while the rest 4 Umar, Tejaswi, Karan, and Rashmi make gifts

Rashmi plays for Shamita, Tejaswi plays for Deboleena, Karan plays for Nishant

Abhijeet chooses to accept Deboleena and does his quality check but rejects all the gifts

Deboleena and Pratik fight over the fact that Abhijeet is trying to get a task to be canceled

Bigg Boss calls everyone and tells them that they did this strategy to get the task to be canceled so they will cancel the task right now.

Bigg Boss tells everyone that tomorrow there will be tasks from tomorrow but it will be done to eliminate people.

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