Bigg Boss 8 Nominations Today 15 Dec for Week 13

Bigg Boss 8 Nominations Today 15 Dec for Week 13

Karishmaa Tanna, Sonali Raut, Upen Patel and Praneet Bhatt were Nominated today December 15 in Bigg Boss 8.

This week was another twist as house members were sent in pairs and asked to chose  people to nominate on consensus.

Upen and Gautam after much fighting nominated Ali.

Karshma and Puneet nominated Pritam

Sonali and Pritam as well as Ali and Praneet nominated Karishma and hence with 2 pairs nomination Karishma got nominated.

After nomination each was told to give their reasons openly also.

Dimpy as captain was given the power to nominate people and she chose to nominate Upen.

Sonali is already nominated till end of season while Praneet was nominated earlier

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