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Bigg Boss 15 3rd January 2022, Written Update: Eviction

The episode starts with Umar versus Tejaswi Ice Melting task

Rashmi and Nishant fight

Rakhi asks Karan  Ek taraf Pyar Ek taraf Dost while Karan just watches


Umar leads and is able to melt ice and Umar wins more Karan says well done to both

Karan says sorry to Tejaswi that he should not have fought in the previous task

Fake house task creates a task which Munmun wins

Munmun challenges Pratik , Shamita and Abhijit emotionless task and rest of the house will

Rakhi , karan and Umar are sanchalaks for two round

First time rest of the house will try and make them laugh second time they will try and make them angry

Abhijit laughs easily and after first round Abhijit is eliminated Shamita and Pratik continue

Tejaswi says to Nishant that Karan and Umar wants Pratik to go out

Nishant keeps on defending Pratik

Abhijit Targets Pratik

Devoleena goes and says to Karan that Tejaswi is saying that you all want Pratik to go out

After Round 2 nobody has given any reaction Bigg Boss says that whoever gives reaction first will lose

Umar asks Nishant that at least target one Nishant says that he will not target anyone

Umar targets Shamita

Abhijit keeps on targeting Pratik Devoleena keeps on getting irritated by that

Rakhi gets Shamita’s stuff and starts targeting her Nishant again comes to defense

Devoleena starts getting angry at Abhijit why is he targeting Pratik so much

Between buzzer Pratik says that Abhijit is saying that he eats Shamita’s constipated potty

Abhijit throws mike and if Pratik is ek baap ke aulad than he should hit him I challenge him

Tejaswi says that whatever Karan wants to do whatever you want to do why is he not doing anything to Shamita only to Pratik

Umar and Karan says to tejaswi that if you want someone out why don’t you do something

Umar and Karan bring mirchi and try to get a reaction

Abhijit throws the log Bigg boss tells him to stop

Nishant tells to Pratik that give a reaction and give the way back to Karan and Umar who are doing wrong

Karan and Nishant start fighting

Nishant  and Rakhi tell that one of them should give up

Karan and Tejaswi fight that Karan you are targeting Pratik only

Tejaswi again start asking pratik to give up

Rakhi pleads that one of them gives up

Buzzer happens and Shamita says that she hasn’t even scratched it while pratik has

Nobody wins the task as nobody gives a reaction

1 am : Devoleena  targets Abhijit why was he saying so much to Pratik

Abhijit says to Devoleena she is Beech ki Bandariya

Devoleena wants to  attack Abhijit Umar and Rashmi intervene

Devoleena gets angry at Rashmi also

Bigg Boss asks Devoleena to go into the garden and Abhijit in the bedroom

Devoleena starts throwing things

Pratik holds Devoleena and tries to calm

Rashmi starts that why does Devoleena go and wash his clothes and then fights him

Pratik was red Shamita and Nishant asks him that did you hit himself

Shamita , Nishant, and Tejaswi say that it was all part of task.

Devoleena starts throwing things in bathroom

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