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Bigg Boss 15 4th January 2022, Written Update Episode day 93

Day 93

Everybody is asking Devoleena to open the door as she was breaking bucket in the bathroom

Devoleena opens and comes out

Shamita and Tejaswi ask Devoleena to stay away from Abhijit

Pratik says that he will try and make Rashmi

Day 93 1:45 am Karan and Tejaswi fight again over the fact that she was trying to make him feel guilty

2:00 am  Fake house task was won by Surbhi Chandna

Surbhi challenges Rashmi and Devoleena

Whoever amongst Rashmi and Devoleena comes down first will lose

Rakhi , Karan and Umar were Sanchalak

Umar targets Devoleena while Pratik targets Rashmi

Nishant also targets Devoleena

Pratikand Umar puts oil and soap

2:30 am Bigg boss says good night but says the task will continue

Both Pratik and Umar tie the shoelaces

4:00 am Tejaswi cries that nobody played for me and she was not able to reach finale

Rakhi asks Karan to talk to Tejaswi Karan says that he doesn’t want to talk

4:15 am Tejaswi talks to Nishant

Pratik goes and wipes Devoleena and Umar does the same for Rashmi

Tejaswi goes and cribs against Karan to Nishant

7:00 am Tejaswi goes back to Karan

7:15 am Rakhi says that her voice becomes like a man and she wants to go to sleep now

8:15 am Devoleena says that she wants to pee and asks Pratik to throw water and then she pees

12:00 pm Shamita asks that why did Karan not throw water throw at Pratik she could have won

12:15 pm Shamita asks that why were you saying that isn’t it obvious why were you demeaning me. Tejaswi says that she thought Karan and Umar would want Pratik to go out because pratik is a tough competitor.  Karan and  Tejaswi fight over this and Umar supports him Karan says tu “kayarta ki nishani” and “shakal dekhi apni”.

Tejaswi says that she was supporting Pratik and by saying isn’t it obvious she prevented them from being unfair. Tejaswi says that who talks to his girlfriend like this.

Tejaswi and Karan fight while drinking tea

Tejaswi says that whatever she feels

Pratik asks Nishant to not target Devoleena

Nishant , Umar and Karan target devoleena with water

Bigg Boss says that it is good to try as you are doing it for 13 hours but think for your health and then decide how long you want to do it

Rakhi brings Umar’s clothes and gives to devoleena Umar fights

Day 94 3: 45 PM Umar starts cutting scissors on Devoleena’s hand

Umar starts throwing water to remove Pratik from the task

Umar starts fighting with Pratik  and throws pratik down karan and Nishant

Day 94 4:00 pm Bigg Boss asks both devoleena and rashmi has to stop using clothes or anything else to hold on the pole to make the task tougher

4:15 pm Rashmi says I am proud of you to Pratik and this makes Umar angry

6:30 pm Bigg Boss says that they will not tolerate violence and Umar has been given many warnings and Umar has broken rules

Umar says that I am sorry

Bigg Boss says that so late in the show that they want to take action and will leave it to the viewers

6:45 pm Bigg Boss increases toughness  and says that no one can help and make them remove shoes

Devoleena finally falls down and Rashmi wins

Bigg Boss finally tells the contestants the truth

Karan , Umar , Rashmi win the ticket to finale

8:30 pm  Umar and Rashmi fight over Rashmi’s statement to Pratik

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