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Bigg Boss 15 7th January 2022, Written Update Episode Day 97, Day 98

Episode starts with the Day 96

Task starts

Abhijit calls up Shamita for the gym room  with the topic being Kamjor

Shamita calls up Nishant as a witness who backs up Nishant

Shamita also calls up Pratik who also defends him

Abhijit randomly calls up and says that she doesn’t play whenever a task happens

Judges Karan , Umar , Rashmi and Rakhi give the win to Shamita

Karan and Tejaswi talk with Tejaswi being very upset saying I can see what you are doing

Rakhi talks and says that Shamita is now Shamita Kundra

Rashmi says to Karan that Tejaswi you have gone and talked to Abhijit

4:00 pm Tejaswi is upset and Karan goes to him  but she says that I have seen what everyone has done in the task

Tejaswi says that Rakhi is calling you are you blushing

Rakhi says that I am expecting her to call Shamita ab maja aayega

Tejaswi comes in for a Living Area task for “Alsi” lazy and she calls Shamita

Tejaswi also bitterly says that thank you I have seen that how you all are playing but I am doing what I have to do

Umar replies and says that they are fair

Tejaswi that judge Umar I know your decision. Rashmi and Umar reply bitterly

Shamita says that she is bitter let her take out Bhadas

Shamita says that you are insecure about Karan

Shamita calls Pratik as a witness who supports her

Tejaswi says that insecurity I don’t know whatever the result

Shamita is a hypocrite that the whole world has seen whatever Shamita is not hurt while making hair and

Umar keeps crying that don’t be a sore loser to Tejaswi

Devoleena gets up and starts shouting at Tejaswi

Umar and Nishant start shouting at each other

4:30 pm Rakhi supports Shamita, Rashmi supports Shamita, Karan balances and says Shamita, Umar supports Shamita says that she is taking out her Bhadas.

Shamita wins

and Final score in the Ghar ka Batwara tasks is Shamita 4 , Tejaswi 1 and Abhijit 1 and all three wins the ticket to the finale.

Pratik , Nishant and Devoleena gets nominated

Tejaswi says jiske saath koi nahin hota uske saath bhagwan hota hain

Shamita comes and complains about Tejaswi to Karan

Rakhi goes and Bitches Tejaswi that Bigg Boss likes your drama

Rashmi bitches against Tejaswi to Karan

Rakhi is worried about her husband after going out of the house

Tejaswi talks to Rashmi where Rashmi complains that Tejaswi is saying that this is the way I talk

Day 98

1:30 am Pratik and Devoleena  wonder what will happen to us now

11:45 am Karan says that why did you not play for yourself Nishant why did you not call pratik

Karan says that Umar and Rashmi were playing for Shamita but he didn’t knew that

Hershey Kisses task happens

Secrets are declared

Karan ‘s secret is that he has a fake account with which he stalks others

Abhijit says that he is not had congrats from Devoleena so she comes

Tejaswi says to Karan you have played for Umar’s girl but he has not played for your girl

Tejaswi  says the person who considers you friend ( Umar)  will remove me before Pratik

1:30 am Pratik , Rakhi , Abhijit and Nishant says that Karan and tejaswi disturb everyone in night

3:15 am when everyone is asleep Rakhi wakes and makes noise with plates to get back at Karan and Tejaswi

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