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Bigg Boss 15 December 29 2021 Written Update : Who Gets Eliminated in Mid Week Time Counting Task

Bigg Boss 15 December 29

The show starts with Devoleena fighting with Abhijit why was he trying to get the task canceled if all others were trying to do it

Day 88 at 7 pm Abhijit says he prefers Rashmi over Devoleena. Shamita, Pratik, and Nishant discuss why Devoleena gives such an extreme reaction.

Devoleena and Abhijit have a big fight with her asking that why he is not loyal after Devoleena leaves Umar, Nishant and Rashmi laughs.

Devoleena gets angry while others laugh .

Devoleena tells Abhijit that he is a dog and his mind is in his knee. Abhijit gets angry and asks her to hit him and tries to break utensils

Umar confirms that he was playing for Pratik but he wanted Shamita to win

12:15 am Rakhi says to Teja that Devoleena was wrong in berating Abhijit so much.

Pratik says that Devoleena talks to Abhijit and then later gets angry at him she should not  even talk to him

2:30 am Rakhi gets up and throws clothes of everyone

8:45 am Everone blames that Abhijit threw clothes of everyone others think that it is Rakhi

Rashmi asks Rakhi for support but Rakhi says that she will eliminate her first.

Today we will see Time Counting Task being done by all the contestants for elimination

4:45 pm Bigg Boss explains The Time Counting task which will mean that each of them will have to go into box and stay there for 28 minutes while other contestants can instigate them and distract them from the task. Nobody can help a person inside the box

Abhijeet Bichukle, Karan Kundra, Rashmi Desai, Tejaswi Prakash and Umar Riaz will fight for the elimination

Devoleena puts chilli powder smoke inside the box. Nishant and Pratik will pour water inside the box

Shamita puts perfume spray inside the box

When Bichukle goes inside the box karan instigates him by saying he will tear up the Bichukle and sons box  this fires him up and he says he will come outside the box

Karan goes in first and everyone tries to distract him but nobody succeeds

Abhijit is the next one to go into the task

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