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Bigg Boss 9 Nominations List October 19 for Week 2 and Day 8 Summary

Bigg Boss 9 Nominations List

While week 1 ended with Anit Gera being evicted week 2 started with a new nominations.

Bigg Boss had another twist in the house today and allowed firstly to nominate couples and this led to 5 couples being nominated.

However Bigg boss told everyone that only 1 person out of each couple will be nominated while other will be saved and this will have to be decided by contestants themselves

These are the the 5 nominated contestants in week 2

1.) Prince Narula

2.)  Mandana Karimi

3.)  Aman Verma

4) Roopal Tyagi

5) Rimi Sen

Day 8 Summary
Roopal cries after ex boyfreind Ankit Gera left the house as she felt guilty for nominating him and others try to console her.

Keith and Rochelle compare their relationship with Suyash and Kishwer and feel they are better.

Mandana, Keith and Rochelle discuss Sunday’s Snapdeal call and feel that a big deal is being made of the Mandana Keith relationship and Rochelle reinstates her security by saying that she would not feel insecure even if keith and Mandana were in the swimming pool.

Some contestants reclaim their bags through auction tasks where they were in confusion and had to bid for their bags using their prize money but keith doesn’t do that by putting a 0 on the board.

Roopal and Kishwer’s catfight!: contestants are told that prize money has been reduced to 39.66 Lakhs (39,66,667) because of the bags auction task and this causes a big fght with Roopala nd Kishwer accusing each other of trying to gain footage

Rimi Sen feels irritated about remaining in the house and wants to go out and feels the fans are stupid because they have kept her in the house when she wants to go out.