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Adipurush Review

User Rating: 2.55

Average Ratings: 2.55/5
Score:71% Positive
Reviews Counted:10

Ratings:1.5/5 Review By: Taran Adarsh Site:Twitter

Adipurush is an EPIC DISAPPOINTMENT… Just doesn’t meet the mammoth expectations… Director OmRaut had a dream cast and a massive budget on hand, but creates a HUGE MESS.

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Ratings: Review By: Komal Nahta  Site:Filminformation

On the whole, Adipurush has poor merits, but its business will be far better because of the Hindutva wind blowing in the country, the scale of the mythological drama, and the initial craze which has been generated. It will not get the praises. Children will like the film.

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Ratings:2.5/5 Review By: Nikita Site:Bollywood Life

Watch Adipurush without too many expectations. Yes, it is visually beautiful and everything but it won’t leave a lasting impact. Don’t watch the film it you are looking to submerge yourself in mythology as it is all about the action.

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Ratings:3/5 Review By: Renuka Site:Times Of India

The VFX and visual appeal are passable if not impressive. With a run time of 3 hours, you wish the story wasn’t as dependent on the special effects as it should have been on the nature of its celebrated characters and what set them apart. This one’s a sincere attempt that gets a tad distracted by its ambition and desire to entertain.

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Ratings:2/5 Review By: Deepa  Site:Rediff

The Ramayan is a part of our cultural DNA.If Om Raut wanted to use visuals from every Hollywood sci-fi fantasy possible, he could have come up with an original script. Why mess with an epic?Hanuman speaking Bombaiya, the mythical Sone Ki Lanka looking darkly Gothic, Raavan looking like a Bollywood dude… this is not modernisation. This is a travesty.

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Ratings:2.5/5 Review By: Aninidita Site:India Today

Though Adipurush can be safely deemed as one of Om Raut’s biggest works, the film could surely have called for a better visual package. However, it’s a job that is moderately done. If not worse.All in all, we can’t put a stamp on all the hype that Adipurush has been gathering, but it surely deserves one watch at the theatres.

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Ratings:3/5 Review By: 123Telugu  Site:123Telugu

On the whole, Adipurush is a modernized version of Ramayana that majorly benefits from the performances of Prabhas, Saif Ali Khan, and Devdatte Nage. The movie has a neat first half and a below-par second half. The background score and songs come in handy, and they make it up for the substandard VFX works. Om Raut manages to infuse some good moments despite the familiar tale. The box office prospects of the movie will depend on how the family audiences will receive this updated version of the Indian epic. If you could ignore the slow-paced second half, Adipurush will be a decent watch this weekend.

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Ratings:2.75/5 Review By: Mirchi9 Site:Mirchi9

Adipurush is a Ramayan masala-fied. The first half is watchable for the epic tale that Ramayanam is despite the presentation. Adipurush ‘s second half is exhausting, with a senseless Ravan in a mass retelling. Yet, the big-screen appeal saves the day, making it Ramayan 2.0 for over-the-top action lovers. Prabhas’ portrayal of Lord Rama could have been better.

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Ratings:2.75/5 Review By: Telugu360  Site:Telugu360

Adipurush is VISUALLY STUNNING the BGM and fight sequences are brilliant Prabhas act as expected while KritiSanon shines with her performance SaifAliKhan as Ravan is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Overall , the needle stops somewhere in between ” One time watch ” to ” Good Watch “

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Ratings:3/5 Review By: Rambabu Site:Cinejosh

Altogether, Adipurush is the modern version of Ram’s valor in Ramayan. Om Raut embarked on a mission to enthrall Genex viewers by retelling Ram’s valor and virtue in Ramayan in a modern way by blending it with special effects like VFX and Graphics. He had taken a few cinematic liberties but it is fine as long as the message is driven. But for all his efforts, he missed the emotional connectivity in the narration by paying more attention to the graphics and VFX. He came up with an interesting story and with decent screenplay most of the time, he emerged successful most at times. Few sections and those obsessed with games like PubG will be connected to it, but it has to be seen how others will receive it. At times one gets a feeling that they are watching some caricatures and creatures out of the planet.

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Adipurush Plot:

Ayodhya’s prince Raghava and his brother Lakshmana travel to the island of Lanka with the help of Bajrang’s army with an aim to rescue Raghava’s wife Janaki, who had been abducted by Lankesh, the demon king of Lanka

Adipurush Release Date:

16 June 2023 straight to Theaters

Adipurush Cast:

Kriti Sanon
Saif Ali Khan
Sunny Singh

Adipurush Director: 

Om Raut

Adipurush Producer: 

Bhushan Kumar
Krishan Kumar
Om Raut
Prasad Sutar
Rajesh Nair

Adipurush Production Companies:

T-Series Films

Adipurush Distribution Companies:

AA Films (Hindi)
UV Creations (Telugu)
People Media Factory (Telugu)
KRG Studios (kannada)

Adipurush Run Time: 

2 Hour 59 Minutes (179 minutes)

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