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Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2 Day 27 Box Office Collection: Steady

Pyaar Ka Punchnama  2  Box Office Collection

Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2 Saturday Box Office Collection
Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2

Fourth Week:
3 Crore nett Trade Figure.

Total Till date:
58.05 Crore nett as per Trade Figure. for 27 days
57.85 Crore nett producer figure for 17 days

Third Thursday:
0.55 Crore nett Trade Figure.

Third Wednesday:
0.6 Crore nett Trade Figure.

Third Tuesday:
0.65 Crore nett Trade Figure.

Third Monday:
0.75 Crore nett Trade Figure.

Third Sunday:
1.65 Crore nett Trade Figure.

Third Weekend:
4 Crore nett  Trade Figure.

Third Saturday:
1.35 Crore nett Trade Figure.

Third Friday:
1 Crore nett Trade Figure.

Second Week:
14 Crore  nett Trade Figure.

Day 9:
3 Crore nett Trade Figure.
3.25 Crore nett Producer Figure

Day 8:
2 Crore nett Trade Figure.
2.4 Crore nett Producer Figure

Day 7:
3.5 Crore nett Trade Figure.
4.35 Crore nett producer figure

On Thursday it was unaffected by Shaandaar and even took benefit of Holiday
First Week was 15th Highest of 2015

Day 6:
3 Crore nett Trade Figure.
4.1 Crore nett producer figure

Day 5:
3.5 Crore nett Trade Figure.
3.7 Crore nett producer figure

Day 4:
4 Crore nett Trade Figure.
4.35 Crore nett  producer figure

Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2 was down only 30% from its first friday which is a very good trend.

Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2 is extra ordinary  in Delhi/Gurgaon and Punjab belt but is rather average in Mumbai and poor in South and East India.

It will retain good screens in Delhi/Punjab in second week and will cut into Shaandar next week


Day 3:
7.5 Crore nett Trade Figure.
8.35 Crore nett producer figure

On Sunday it was affected by cricket match and failed to show significant growth.

First Weekend Box Office Collections of  Pyaar Ka Punchnama are 17th Highest of 2015 which is very good for a no star cast movie.

Its weekday business will determine if the movie  will retain enough screens for second week when Shaandar releases

Day 2:
On Saturday Collections are
7 Crore as per Trade Figure.
7.6 Crore nett producer figure

On Saturday Collections are around 22% higher than that of Friday.

Day 1
5.75 Crore nett Trade Figure or
6.8 Crore nett producer figure

1400 screens in India

Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2 has managed to appeal strongly to youth due to the pull of the first movie and has already done better than first movie which had collected 12.5 crores lifetime in just 2 days

Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2  is doing  extraordinarily well in Delhi/Gurgaon and Punjab Multiplexes as well as single screens and is actually doing better than many big releases of the year.

In Fact these are the numbers for East Punjab Circuit (Punjab,Haryana etc):
Friday: 81.75 Lacs
Saturday: 98.75 Lacs

It is however struggling throughout Gujarat and Maharashtra belt except for Mumbai and Pune City.

Outside of these circuits  it is doing decently in multiplexes but not so well in single screens.

However since it is a low budget movie even with success in limited areas it can be a good success.

The only problem for the movie is that it has only 6 day release window with Shaandar releasing on Thursday only.

Shaandar is also targeted at young multiplex crowd and features Alia who is extremely popular in that segment which means it will strongly affect this movie.

First Day Records (Trade Figure)

1.)Opening day box office collections are 18th highest opening day of 2015  and ahead of much bigger movies but below that Drishyam , Hero and Tevar.

2.) Opening day is highest ever for director Luv Ranjan and this is the first time that any of his movie has opened at a number higher than 1 crore



25 crores inclusive of Prints and Advertising Costs this actually much higher than first part which was made at an all inclusive of budget of 9 Crores only

Viacom 18 has sold the distribution rights to Kumar Mangat at a minimum guarantee price of Rs 17 Crores

This will need a business of 34-36 crore to recover its cost

 At India box office collection of 36 Crores it will be considered a Hit