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Welcome Back Third Week Box Office Collections: Falls

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Total till date:
95.5 Crores Trade Figure
96.17 Crore Producer Figure

Third Week:
3.5 Crore  Trade Figure
3.5 Crore Producer Figure

Welcome back is 5th Highest grossing movie of 2015

Second Monday:
1.75 Crore Trade Figure

Second Friday:
2.5 Crore Trade Figure

Second Saturday:
4.25 Crore Trade Figure

Second Sunday:
 5 Crore Trade Figure

Welcome back showed decent growth in its second weekend with collections jumping by 70% on Saturday from Second Friday as its competitor Hero struggled.

On Second Sunday collections again jumped by 17% from Saturday

Welcome back is doing well in North and Gujarat areas where hero is struggling.


Welcome Back fell sharply from Monday with a 15% fall daily but still due to the bumper opening it has reached the second highest opening week of 2015.

Welcome back failed to find universal acceptance with big cities and multiplexes falling sharply from Monday.

Mass areas , Single screens and India’s core hindi heartland had welcome back continuing to hold well.

All in all Welcome Back has done far better than what anyone in Trade expected it to do .

After the huge opening it was expected that movie should do 125 Crore and become a clean hit but the fall from Monday means that movie might struggle to even reach 100 crore mark.

It now depends every heavily on how Welcome Back does in its second week competing against hero to see where does it ends.


1.) 2nd Highest Opening Week of 2015 behind Bajrangi Bhaijaan.

2.) Highest opening week for a comedy movie since Ready in 2009 which had collected 69 Crore.

3.) Highest Opening week ever in the career for John Abraham , Anil Kapoor and Shruti Hasan ahead of race 2

Area Wise:

While mass areas and smaller towns are steady the urban areas have completely fallen off .

Delhi , Mumbai , Punjab, West UP have had major falls.

Core Hindi heartland areas dominated by mass audiences Rajasthan, Bihar, MP, Punjab and parts of UP are still very good.

Basically there is a multiplex vs single screens issue with multiplexes falling while single screens are steady.

 In overseas Welcome Back had a very good opening weekend of $3.21 million breakup here  but riding mostly on Pakistan and UAE.


On First Monday Welcome back went down drastically in major cities where the drop was close to 60% however in mass areas the drop was only 40%

In most of he cities and metros welcome back was only doing decent business its core strength remains in the hinterland which loves the comedy masala genre more.

Welcome back is doing extraordinary business in mass centers and single screens in hindi heartland Rajasthan, Bihar, MP, Punjab and parts of UP Delhi and West UP is however average about the movie

Whatever be the final tally Welcome back has definitely done much better than what the trade expected from the movie which is a positive for everyone involved.

Welcome back will have a good opening week due to the opening but how far it goes will depend  on its second week.

The good part is that Hero the next week release is a weak release and is going for a more multiplex oriented strategy than single screens.

The High Budget means that even 100 crores will not make it a hit

Daywise Breakup:

Day 1:
14.22 Crore Trade Figure
14.35 Crore Producer Figure

Day 2:
16.88 Crores Trade Figure
17.05 Crore Producer Figure

Day 3:
19.5 Crores Trade Figure
19.6 Crore  Producer Figure

3200 Pan India

Budget: 100 Crores

Production Cost: 80 crores and Prints and Advertising cost 20 Crores . It was again a movie conceptualized 3 years ago with a hope for large amount coming in for satellite rights but market has crashed now.

 Welcome itself had some of the highest TRPs whenever it was screened and welcome back is in the same genre so it should still get a good amount whenever the rights are sold.

Welcome back is a big budget  movie and has been sold on advance to Eros by producers the big caveat being if it fails to  collect more than a certain number than producers will have to return money to Eros.

Producers of the movie have had a track record of mismanaging finances and delaying salaries of actors and payments to financiers which is why probably akshay is not doing this movie.

There were court cases and rumours that John Nana and Anil have not been paid before the release of the movie but somehow despite all this movie has released

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