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Baby 38 Days Box Office Collection : Steady

Baby  Box Office Collection

Sixth Weekend
0.23 Crore Trade Figure

38 Days Total:

81.67 Crore  Trade Figure

95.56 Crore  Producer Figure

Baby is that rare movie which has a run even in its sixth week though high costs meant that profits have not really come for the movie.

Fifth Week:
1.73 Crore Trade Figure

Fourth Week:
3.02 Crore Trade Figure

Third Thursday:
0.68 Crore Trade Figure

Baby has covered its Budget

Third Wednesday:
0.7 Crore Trade Figure

Third Tuesday:
0.72 Crore Trade Figure

19 Days Total:

75.34 Crore  Trade Figure

89.94 Crore  Producer Figure (18 days)

Third Sunday:
2.25 Crore Trade Figure

Third Monday:
0.75 Crore Trade Figure

Third Saturday:
1.56 Crore Producer Figure

1.5 Crore Trade Figure

16 Days Total:
87.27 Crore  Producer Figure

71.62 Crore  Trade Figure

On Saturday Baby had a growth of 40% from its Third Friday

Baby is till very strong in its third week denoting a good word of mouth especially in multiplexes in metros.

Baby is going to beat its budget.

Third Friday:
1.31 Crore Producer Figure

1.08 Crore Trade Figure

Second Thursday:
1.26 Crore Trade Figure
1.87 Crore Producer Figure

Second Wednesday:
1.32 Crore Trade Figure
1.94 Crore  Producer Figure

Second Tuesday:
1.54 Crore Trade Figure
1.92 Crore  Producer Figure

Second Monday:

1.69 Crore Trade Figure
2.2 Crore Producer Figure

Second Sunday:
5.81 Crore Producer Figure

4.84 Crore Trade Figure

Second Weekend:
Rs 10 Crore Trade Figure
Rs 12.65 Crore Producer Figure


Second Saturday:
3.12 Crore Trade Figure
3.99 Crore Producer Figure

Baby Grew From its second Friday to Second Saturday by
a very good 50% as other releases were very dull.

Baby is headed for a good second week

On its 9th Day Baby was again  better than all the new releases and was the highest grossing movie.

Second Friday:
2.04 Crore Trade Figure
2.85 Crore Producer Figure

 Seventh Day 
3.5 Crore Producer Figure
3.46 Crore (Trade Figure )

Sixth Day 
4.11 Crore (Trade Figure )
4.25 Crore  Producer Figure

Fifth Day 
4.74 Crore (Trade Figure )
5.1 Crore  Producer Figure

Fourth Day :
14.9 Crore (Producer Figure)
11.48 Crore (Trade Figure )

Third Day :

15.6 Crore Producer Figure

12.54 Crore Trade Figure

On Sunday Collections of Baby  had a very good jump from Saturday.

Jump between Sunday and Saturday was a very good 38%

Trade Expected a 50 Crore 4 day weekend from Baby which now looks difficult .

First Weekend Comparison With Akshay Kumar Movies (Trade Figure):
Holiday: 40.53 Crore
Entertainment: 31.08 Crore
Shaukeens: 12.57 Crore
Baby: 29.46 Crore

Second Day Collection:
11.17 Crore Producer Figure (est)
9.06 Crore Trade Figure

Collections Of Baby Grew by 20% on Saturday from Friday.

First Day Collection:
9.3 Crore Producer Figure
7.86 Crore Trade Figure

Baby Budget: 75 Crores

Production Cost 60 Crores + Prints and Advertising Cost 15 Crores.  ( includes Akshay Kumar’s salary)

Baby needs to do 90 Crore to be safe


Baby is 9th Highest Opening day for an Akshay Kumar Movie

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