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Pandaga Chesko Telugu Movie Review

Pandaga Chesko Telugu Review

Average Ratings 2.55/5
Reviews Counted: 5
Positive: 3
Negative : 2

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Ratings:3/5 Review By:Jeevi Site:Idlebrain.com

Pandaga Chesko is a film with good interval twist and some laughs here and there. Plus points of the movie are performance by Ram and family orientation. But, story and scenes in the movie lack freshness. This movie has commercial entertainment and family emotions. Success of this movie depends on how family crowds embrace it!

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Ratings:2/5 Review By:indiaglitz.com Site: Indiaglitz.com

The story being a dated cheque apart, the emotions are not very well played up. It is not like they are milk-and-water, but that they could have been better portrayed. Being an alleged family entertainer, the film may have a life of its own at the Box Office this summer.Editing by Gautham Raj, Cinematography by Sameer Reddy help the film boast of good technical team. However, what mattered the most was story, but here Veligonda Srinivas fumbles.Verdict: A formula festival, so to speak. Predictability apart, what does the film in is the lack of novelty.

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Ratings:2.75/5 Review By:Greatandhra.com Site: Greatandhra.com

The first half is breezy, the second half is the typical ‘hero-goes-to-heroine’s house’ and the age old brother and sister fight revisited. This makes the film a bit tiresome to watch during the second half. Well, if one likes formula films with a dash of entertainment, then the film is for them. Bottomline: One for summer days.

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Ratings:2/5 Review By:Common Man Site:Apherald

The first half of Pandaga Chesko has some moments that tickle the funny bone and keeps you entertained but post intermission the film derails and the mode sporadically switches back and forth from comedy to inspired drama. The sequences leading to the climax is overtly dragged, especially when the result is extremely predictable. With all the above mentioned ingredients in inappropriate doses, Pandaga Chesko remains nearly close to what you expect it to be – A Kona Venkat’s film. But it suffers from too many pompous elements that are sickly written and it very rarely hits its marks.

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Ratings:3/5 Review By:Pravallika Anjuri Site:Filmibeat.com

The characters and the story leaves a sense of dejavu since you have seen them before in hundreds of films. But what it matter is how well the director blended it with the entertainment. Gopichand Malineni succeeds in producing two hours of laugh riot and that’s all it takes to make a successful film in Telugu. Watch Pandaga Chesko to experience a comedy festival.

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Movie Name: Pandaga Chesko

Synopsis: The film is all about a millionaire, who has earned a lot in a foreign country and visits his family in India.

Release Dates: May 29, 2015

 Director: Gopichand Malineni

Running time: 162 Minutes

Music composed by: S. Thaman

Genres:  Action Film, Romance Film, Adventure Film

Cast: Ram, Rakul Preet Singh, Sonal Chauhan, Brahmanandam, Jagapathi Babu

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