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Ulavacharu Biryani Telugu Movie Review

Ulavacharu Biryani  Rating: 2.46/5

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Ulavacharu Biryani Telugu Movie Review

Ratings:3/5 Review By: Karthik Pasupulate Site: Times Of India 

You know there is something amiss when the goofy chemistry between the nephew and kid sister of the protagonists turns out to be more endearing than the central love story – an uncommon romance between a middle-aged bachelor and an out-of-sorts not-so-young lady who’s given up hope of finding her man. Then, the funniest moments in the movie come from the goofy wisecracks of the uncle (MS Narayana) of the protagonist. As a result, what could have ideally been a heart-warming romance ends up as an unintended comedy of errors.

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Ratings:3/5 Review By: Jeevi Site:Idlebrain

I have not seen the original film Salt n’ Pepper. What worked for me in the film are Prakash Raj’s outstanding performance and Ilayaraja’s mellifluous music. This film is a romantic comedy with the backdrop of food. And you might feel hungry while watching this film as so much of variety of food is shown in the film. First half of the film is nice, but second half should have been well handled. Ulavacharu Biryani is a speciality film. If you like concept/niche films like these, it is worth giving a try for Prakash Raj and Ilayaraja.

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Ratings:2.5/5 Review By: Venkat Site:GreatAndhra

It’s not everyday that one gets to see a clean love story revolving around two middle-aged people. However, apart from clean romance and the feel-good factor, Ulavacharu Biryani does not offer anything new. While director-actor Prakash Raj manages to capture the nuances of a middle-aged couple, he fails to ignite the passion between the younger couple. Bottomline: It’s like uncooked biryani

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Ratings:2.25/5 Review By: India Glitz Site:India Glitz

Prakash Raj may be seen as the film’s USP, but his acting style is such that he has overshadowed the character to a detrimental effect. Otherwise, he is his usual self, becoming narcissistic in a scene or two. It is vintage Sneha, and she is the film’s best feature, better than even the Maestro’s music and BGM. Tejus and Samyuktha Hornad make a good pair. While Tejus is ok, Samyuktha makes mark with her expressions. MS Narayana and Brahmaji pass muster because of the roles they play. Verdict: Delicacy is missing.

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Ratings:1.5/5 Review By: Common Man  Site:APHerald

Remakes typically face an acclivitous battle, often intensified by the revere placed on the original. To say the least, it is a near impossible task to balance fêting the original, while also making something unique and its own entity. That is why so many remakes fail. Coming to Ulavacharu Biryani there are few brief moments scattered, but they are absolutely caved by everything else (Story, Screenplay, Narration, Characterizations…). On the whole, Ulavacharu Biryani offers more or less the same ingredients as the original but the recipe isnt the same. If you have time to spare, and to access to internet, go with the original.

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Ratings:2.5/5 Review By: Gulte  Site:Gulte

The story moves to the climax abruptly and the meeting of Prakash Raj and Sneha fails to impress. This is the key moment in the film and due to bad screenplay in the second hour it didn’t turn out as expected. This Ulavacharu Biryani can only be relished if you are starving for past few weeks. Otherwise it wouldn’t taste good as Prakash Raj didn’t get the ingredients right. You may wait for the Home Edition. Caution: Spiceless Biryani!

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