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Rachha Telugu Movie Review

Rachha Rating: 2.75/5

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Rachha Telugu Movie Review

  Ratings:3/5 Reviewer:Jeevi Site:Idlebrain

First half has a bit of fun. Second half has story and twists. Plus points of the film are Ram Charan Tej and dialogues. On the flip side, freshness in story and better handling of the film would have made this film connect with the contemporary audiences. Racha film is made for fans and masses. This is the first big star film of summer 2012 and it has garnered terrific openings. The success of the film will depend on how masses embrace it.

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 Ratings:2/5 Reviewer:Radhika Rajamani Site:Rediff

Telugu film Rachha is a potboiler meant for the masses and not for a discerning audience. Sampath Nandi dishes out a film replete with commercial ingredients in a stereotypical pattern. It defies logic and is pretty predictable too. The film moves with good dialogues in parts, songs (shot in Kerala , China etc) but in the second half, the vendetta game dominates. Rachha is basically for Charan’s fans who may be happy after the disastrous Orange. For others, Rachha offers nothing.

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 Ratings:3/5 Reviewer:Venkat Site:GreatAndhra

Watching the film never makes you feel that you are watching a big ticket venture starring a big hero. It is a story which suits even a B-grade hero. Given the star image of Charan and the expectations on him and the film, the story was bound to be strong with a strong depth and gripping twists but it is not so. Though the title sounds powerful, it is a routine formula line with no variation. You have the regular half dozen fights, half dozen songs, itsy bitsy comedy scenes, one sentiment which is half baked, a supposedly romantic track which was created only to justify the presence of heroine.Verdict: Neither Good Nor Dud

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 Ratings:3/5 Reviewer:Supergoodmovies Site:SuperGoodMovies

Director Sampath Nandi exceeded everybody’s expectations by handling a routine script with complete command. He knows the pulse of mass audience. His direction in second half will impress. No nonsense approach is his biggest asset. Racha doesn’t bore at any point despite routine script.Racha is for the masses. It has been a while since any mega hero did an out and out mass entertainer. Racha will be a treat for mega fans and will click with the B and C centers audiences. The success range will depend on how well they embrace it.

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  1. Waste movie…He should not imitate chiranjeevi..he should act by himself….this is not his action………..

    RB choudary is head strong person….

  2. First song and Vanaa vanaa Songs is highlight and fights bit difficult to do other heros. Over all movie is super. You can watch movie one time with your famileis.

  3. Rachha pedda sollu cinema…. Train mundu car race enti.. andulonu oppositega… director audienceni pichollu cheyyataki tesena movie idhe… But some portion of comedy work out iendhi.. megatha movie antha chetta.. Bunny movie copy paste anthey…

  4. Rachha is very good film . Supper hit film .

  5. movie super..it will connect to mass audience …experimental films cheste telugu cinema ane yedari lo oasis antha kastam hit avvadam…so he should choose film like racha…dance ,fights are another asset in movie..so go cherry go…

  6. Racha create 1st week record ..some one say film not good..then how it collect money…cherry was new look no one in TWood ..he was improve a lot please watch then say any thing ….its gud movie ……….chandu

  7. gud watch it

  8. e website lo comment chesevallanta waste fellows…meerantha cinema ni spoil chestha vunnaru..ila chesthe telugu cinemas kooda Kannada cinema industry la avutundi…

  9. utter flop movie

  10. its a flop movie
    i give rating 1/5

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