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Mr Perfect Review ( Telugu)

Mr Perfect Rating: 3/5

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Ratings:3.25/5 Reviewer:Jeevi Site:Idlebrain

First half of the film is okay though the conflict point is revealed only in the interval block. Second half is predictable with a sentimental climax. The plus points of the movie are casting (Prabhas, Kajal & Tapsee), production values, cinematography and music. The negative points are screenplay and handling of emotions. Dil Raju who has given trend-setting and path-breaking films like Arya and Bommarillu in the past seems to have chosen to play safe in the recent times with films like Brindavanam and Mr. Perfect. On a whole, Mr Perfect film is partly good and partly predictable.

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 Ratings:3/5 Reviewer:Venkat Site:GreatAndhra

The film comes across as a clean, family entertainer and the intention of the makers must be appreciated. Their attempt to reiterate the values of love, life, relationships in today’s world is acknowledged. However, dealing with such human subjects requires humane feel and a deft handling of the script, that was missing here.First half comprises with good humor and flow of drama. And second half also continues in similar fashion recalling the blend of Santhosham and Bommarillu but with weak handling of emotions. Required emotion is not carried in the fag end of the film and hence it appeared weak.Having said that, the film appeals largely due to the conviction in the belief of love, sharing and how few things in life cannot be got merely by rational thinking.

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 Ratings:3/5 Reviewer: Site:Sify

Mr Perfect seems to be a result of director Dasarath’s hangover from his previous films Santhosham and Suswagatham. To be frank, instead of Prabhas, his lady love Kajal steals the show with her beauty and pleasing performance. Despite the imperfections, its release during the summer holidays will, in probability, ensure Mr Perfect successThe screenplay is slow, but interesting, and remains unpredictable till the end of the film. Cinematography adds that much required fizz to the movie, coupled with scintillating locations. However, compared to the first half, the second half is weak. The director should have taken more care in developing the emotional scenes. The sermonising about love is taxing, too.

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  Ratings:2.75/5 Reviewer:Site:SuperGoodMovies

Mr. Perfect is a film that is developed on a single point that we have to see that everyone around us is happy rather making ourselves happy. Like every Dil Raju film, this one too preaches about the family values and human bonding. Although the basic idea is good the film failed on the execution part.There are not many heart touching scenes in the film. Every character compromises at one point or the other. Realizations, discussions, relations, experiences… this forms the screenplay of this movie. Everybody gets into preachy mode all the time and bores you to the core. Situations are forced and therefore the film lacked soul. We hardly find any scene which is at least near to ‘perfect’, leave alone perfect.

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Ratings: Reviewer:Manvitha Chowdary Site:Andhravilas

Mr. Perfect as the makers have promises is indeed a feel good film. The main drawback is the weak story and even weaker screenplay. The film is very slow paced and nothing much happens in the first half. Still there is not much happening in the second half either. The characterization is also not exactly right. There are several glitches in screenplay and editing. The songs have been filmed well and the locations are post car perfect. The director despite having a good theme falters with the screenplay and direction. As a result, we feel little bored at times.

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  Ratings:–/5 Reviewer:Sunita Chowdary Site:CineGoer

The concept of the film is actually good, about people debating if they should marry a certain person based on a certain quality.The story, concept is nice to read and listen but while watching it on screen, one needs that something to make it complete. What was it? The humour that centres around Viswanath, Raghu Babu was juvenile, the subject caters to family audiences alone, there is no romantic feel between either Taapsee and Prabhas or Kajal and Prabhas.Over all the film is a clean, neat, non-embarassing, has positive relationships but the tiny imperfection of the feel going for a toss, the audience agreeing with what the director said but not able to connect could cost a movie a lot. Mr. Perfect is not entirely imperfect but imperfect enough to bore you.

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