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Luv Ka The End Review

Luv Ka The End Rating:2.61/5

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Ratings:2/5 Reviewer:Rajeev Masand Site:IBNLive

Luv Ka The End, produced under the new youth movies banner of Yash Raj Films, is modeled closely after those popular American teen flicks, but it doesn’t have the inherent coolness that makes it as much fun. Aside from a few cosmetic changes, Luv Ka The End is a fairly faithful rip-off of John Tucker Must Die.Sleazy, homophobic and intrinsically amateurish in its humor, this film fails because it’s trying too hard to be cool, while hitting all the wrong notes along the way.I’m going with two out of five for Luv Ka The End. Give me one of those American teen comedies any day!

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Ratings:3.5/5 Reviewer:Taran Adarsh Site:BollywoodHungama

Actually, it’s a chick flick with attitude, an anti rom-com.Bumpy also assures that you laugh at the characters and also laugh with them. The vibe, the execution of the written material, the on-screen characters, the lingo they use, even the music is very unlike what you’ve come to expect from a film backed by Aditya Chopra. On the flipside, the screenplay could’ve been far more exhilarating than what it is.In fact, the screenplay betrays its origins in the middle of the second hour, though it really picks up before it approaches the finish line. On the whole, LUV KA THE END appeals to the sensibilities of Gen X. This one’s for the yuppie Facebook and Twitter generation. Go, have a blast!

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Ratings:2.5/5 Reviewer:Nikhat Kazmi Site:TimesOfIndia

Great idea, poor execution: that’s the irony of this film Luv Ka the End which promises to catapult Yash Raj productions as the MTV of the film industry. But hey, the nasty and brutish babalog of the sundry MTV reality shows still do bear some semblance to real GenXer’s, despite their exaggerated brattish ways. Here, the bunch of college kids lack both IQ and EQ and hardly seem credible.The film scores only in some of its performances (Shraddha Kapoor’s gang) and might appeal to young collegiates who want to miss a few boring tutorials.

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  Ratings:1.5/5 Reviewer:Anupama Chopra Site:NDTV

I walked out of the movie depressed. If this is really what the youth wants, we should be afraid, very afraid.But largely, Luv Ka the End is uncomfortably icky, tediously wannabe and depressingly homophobic. So characters determinedly use youthful lingo like babes, chill, BFF and of course, aren’t afraid of four letter words. Everybody is styled casual cool and we even have a new age mom giving lines like: I know love is hard baby. But the sensibility of this film is not youthful, it’s juvenile. I’m not sure what demographic that is aimed at but it definitely not for me. I’m going with one and a half star.

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Ratings:3/5 Reviewer:Ankur Pathak Site:Rediff

Luv Ka The End, because of the cleverly written characters and their traits, manage to bear realism even in its highly unrealistic context. The dialogues, as well as emotions extracted and portrayed have an uncanny vulnerability to legitimacy which is remarkable.Although it still remains a frivolous, musical-comedy — influenced partly by real teen and partly assumed adolescent sense, which is magnified dramatically and cinematically liberalised.It makes for an engaging, fun, and an enthusiastic outing. Easily forgettable, momentarily enjoyable, youthfully relevant, relishing such cinema once in a while is not a crime after all.

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Ratings:2.5/5 Reviewer:Kunal Guha Site:Yahoo

Bubblegum romance in Hindi films has finally come of age. So, teens will still be teens but they’ve grown up with a healthy appetite for Southpark and Simpsons. Consequently, apart from turning their brains into pudding, this has made them more resilient to emotional turmoil and ‘moving on’ after a bitter break-up is as easy as opening a can of soda. And this attitudinal change is just what this film tries to portray.Needless to say, if this film doesn’t manage to inspire shattered ex-girlfriends to fight back, it will surely arm womankind with novel ideas in case their partners ever dare to mess around. Mankind: be scared, very scared.

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Ratings:3/5 Reviewer:Blessy Chettiar Site:DNA

Peppy and conversational dialogue, relatable instances and a lot of madness make Luv Ka The End an enjoyable chick flick. Mostly appealing to the college going crowd, Luv Ka the End might just be downright unbearable for the others. We recommend this one if you’re in the mood for a mindless watch.

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Ratings:2/5 Reviewer:Shubhra Gupta Site:IndianExpress

There must be a perfectly good way of making an engaging film on these slender plot points, and ‘Luv Ka The End’ beavers away on all these, and raises a few laughs here and there, one or two catching the young cast in a nice, natural way. But there’s so little else in the film that it all flattens out in an alarming sit-com like fashion, as this very now film is reduced to using the creakiest comic devices from old-style Bollywood—itching powder, and laxatives.

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Ratings:3.5/5 Reviewer:Sonia Chopra Site:Sify

So here you have it – a fun, breezy comedy about the generation in shorts and tees. And no, the film doesn’t treat them as shallow idiots. A great film for any age group, especially the young ‘uns (no vulgarity, crude humour, item songs— thank you very much). Watch it to laugh uninhibitedly and oh, take your BFF (the definition is in the movie for the uninitiated) along!

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