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Kahaani 2 Budget & 14th Day Box Office Collection:Poor

Kahaani 2 Budget & 14th Day Worldwide Box Office Collection

Kahaani 2 is retained in 825 screens in week 2

Day 14 Collections:
0.25  Crore Trade Figure
0.45 Crore Producer Figure

Total Collections of Kahaani 2:
28.1 Crore Trade Figure
30.56 Crore Producer Figure

Day 13 Collections:
0.25  Crore Trade Figure
0.45 Crore Producer Figure

Day 12 Collections:
0.25  Crore Trade Figure
0.5 Crore Producer Figure

Day 11 Collections:
0.5  Crore Trade Figure
0.75 Crore Producer Figure

Day 10 Collections:
1.6  Crore Trade Figure
1.75 Crore Producer Figure

Day 9 Collections:
1.5  Crore Trade Figure
1.6 Crore Producer Figure

Day 8 Collections:
0.75  Crore Trade Figure
0.75 Crore Producer Figure

Day 7 Collections:
1.25  Crore Trade Figure
1.55 Crore Producer Figure

First Week collections are lower than that of Kahaani ( 2012)

Kahaani 2 is a flop

Day 6 Collections:
1.5  Crore Trade Figure
1.74 Crore Producer Figure

Day 5 Collections:
1.75  Crore Trade Figure
1.96 Crore Producer Figure

Day 4 Collections:
 Crore Trade Figure
2.04 Crore Producer Figure

Overseas Collections
 $850,000 in the opening weekend

Friday to Monday saw collections dropping by  47%  which is not good trend.

Worldwide Collections

27-28 Crore gross


First Weekend box office collection in India of Kahaani 2 are  22nd highest of 2016 just below Flying Jatt and Ghayal Once again while being marginally better than Akira.

First Weekend of Kahaani 2 is much lower than that of other female theme movies of 2016 like Neerja and Pink

Kahaani the 2012 starrer also had an opening weekend of around 13.5 Crores and  Kahaani 2 has just improved the number by 25% in 4 years

This is not as per expectations from a sequel but is better than what Rock on 2 did.

Day 3 Collections:
6.75  Crore Trade Figure
6.93 Crore Producer Figure

Day 2 Collections:
5.5 Crore Trade Figure
5.79 Crore Producer Figure

Day 1 Collections:
4.25 Crore Trade Figure
4.25 Crore Producer Figure

While Opening day collections are higher than that of 2012’s Kahaani but the occupancies were similar and higher collections are due to wider release and higher ticket prices.

Opening day collections are similar to other movies having a female lead or a female subject like Neerja, Akira and Pink

Opening Day numbers are 27th Highest opening day of 2016

Kahaani 2 will again depend upon word of mouth to improve on its opening day in the weekend.

Kahaani 2 has taken the best opening in multiplexes of Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata

The original Kahaani had taken an opening of of 2.91 Crores on Friday and had gone on to collect 64 Crores in India at  box office.

An opening day of at least 4 Crore is expected from Kahaani 2 and we will wait to see if it reaches that.

Kahaani 2 Budget

Kahaani 2  is  made on a budget of 35 Crores all inclusive. The first kahaani was made on a budget of 20 Crore

Production Budget: 25 Crores

Prints & Advertising Cost: 10 Crore

Kahaani 2 Screens

Kahaani 2 is releasing on 1235  screens across India

Kahaani 2 Hit or Flop

Kahaani 2 is a tightly budgeted movie but the budget has gone up from the first movie and so it needs to cross 50 Crores to be called a hit which is a feat that the earlier Kahaani had already achieved

Kahaani 2 Overseas Box Office Collection

Kahaani 2 has a limited overseas release.

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