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Drishyam Fifth Weekend Box Office Collections: Decent

Fifth Weekend:
0.84 Crore Trade Figure

0.84 Crore Producer Figure

Total till date:
63.12 Crore Trade Figure
75.71 Crore Producer Figure

Fourth Week:
3.15 Crore  Trade Figure
3.15 Crore Producer Figure

Third Week:
6.37 Crore Trade Figure
7.55 Crore Producer Figure

Second Thursday
1.45 Crore Trade Figure

Ajay Devgan’ s Drishyam had a decent Second Week at india box office with collections remaining steady at low levels

It has now beaten badlapur to be 9th  highest grossing movie of 2015 and has removed Roy from the list.

This is one of higher grossing movie of Ajay Devgan outside of movies done with Rohit Shetty.

Second Wednesday
1.5 Crore Trade Figure

Second Tuesday
1.65 Crore Trade Figure
1.65 Crore Producer Figure

Total till date:
49.86 Crore Trade Figure
61.37 Crore Producer Figure

Second Monday:
1.58 Crore Trade Figure
1.6 Crore Producer Figure

Total till date:
48.21 Crore Trade Figure
59.7 Crore Producer Figure

Second Sunday:
4.56 Crore Trade Figure
5.04 Crore Producer Figure

Second Weekend
10.31  Crore Trade Figure
11.84 Crore Producer Figure

On its Second Sunday  Ajay Devgan ‘s Drishyam  grew by 28% as compared to its second Saturday.


The drop between first weekend and second  weekend of Drishyam is 55%.

Drishyam  is headed to better numbers of Varun Dhawan’s Badlapur  which was a hit but had a much lower costs.

Drishyam has been successful in selected areas mostly in Maharashtra and MP which means it will likely remain steady at lower levels.

However this is a very crowded period and it doesn’t have an open period to recover its costs.

Second Saturday:
3.5 Crore Trade Figure
4.05 Crore Producer Figure

Second Friday:
2.25 Crore Trade Figure
2.75 Crore Producer Figure

First Week:
36.32 Crore Trade Figure 8th Highest of 2015

3 Crore Trade Figure
3.6 Crore Producer Figure

3.25 Crore Trade Figure
4.1 Crore Producer Figure

3.5 Crore Trade Figure

On Wednesday Drishyam was flat as compared to Monday with  around 8% drop from Tuesday.

Drishyam  faces competition from Mission impossible and bangistan from week 2 and brothers in week 3 which means it will be tough for this movie.

Drishyam continues to do well in Maharashtra and Central India circuits which are Ajay Devgan strongholds but in North India it has been lower than Bajrangi Bhaaijan in most places.

Except for these two circuits Drishyam is doing well only in top cities

The cost of Drishyam is pretty high and it needs to hit 65 Crore for recovery which is looking difficult for the movie.

Looking at the trend it seems to be doing at same levels as Badlapur which though was a much lower cost movie.

The problem with Drishyam seems to be that it has struggled to be seen as entertaining option for youths and has completely relied on family audiences.

Family audiences which Drishyam was targeting has been split due to Bajrangi Bhaaijaan which continues to do well  even in its third week .

Even in overseas Drishyam was overtaken by Bajrangi Bhaijaan

Day 4: 

3.78 Crore Trade Figure
4.05 crore producer figure

Day 3:
9.51 Crore Trade Figure
12.58 Crore Producer Figure

Day 2:
7.46 Crore Trade Figure
9.4 Crore Producer Figure

Day 1:
5.82 Crore Trade Figure inclusive of Paid previews
8.05 Crore Producer Figure inclusive of Paid previews
5.32 Crore Trade Figure
Thursday Paid Previews: 0.5 Crore

Drishyam Screen Counts:
Drishyam  has opened in 2365 screens Pan India

Drishyam Budget:
65 Crores including Prints and advertising.

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