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Veerappan, Phobia, Waiting, Angry Birds Budget & Box Office Collection

Veerappan, Phobia, Waiting Budget & Box Office Collection

7 Days Total:

Veerappan: 6.5 Crore  Trade Figure
Phobia: 2.75 Crore Trade Figure
Waiting: 2 Crore Trade Figure

Day 3:

Veerapaan collected 2 Crore on Sunday

4.5 Crores Trade Figure
5.95 Crore Producer Figure

Angry Birds Total:
9 Crores Trade Figure  and 9.04 Crores Producer Figure for the weekend and it led all the movies.
Waiting collected 60 Lakhs at box office on Sunday

Waiting Total:
1.25 Crores Trade Figure
1.3  Crore Producer Figure from 288 screens

Phobia Total: 1.5  Crores Trade Figure

Day 2:
Veerapaan collected 1.25 Crore on Saturday

 Total: 2.5 Crores Trade Figure

Veerappan was Flat on Saturday

Phobia starring Radhika Apte again collected 40 Lakhs on Saturday.

Phobia Total: 0.6 Crores Trade Figure
Waiting collected 45 Lakhs at box office on Saturday

Waiting Total:
0.65 Crores Trade Figure
0.75 Crore Producer Figure from 288 screens


Verrappan which was the widest release collected the most while other movies struggled at box office.

Sandeep Bharadwaj, Sachiin J Joshi and Lisa Ray starrer Verappan had the best opening day amongst all new releases and collected 1.25 Crore at box office on opening Day as per trade figures and 1.77 Crore as per Producer Figures

Phobia starring Radhika Apte collected 20 Lakhs on Friday.

Naseeruddin Shah and Kalki Koechlin starrer Waiting collected 20 Lakhs at box office on opening day.

All Figures Trade Figure.

Sarabjit in its second Friday collected 1 Crore at the box office as per trade figure and 1.1 Crore as per Producer Figure

Sarabjit Total after 8 Days is

Total :
20  Crore Trade Figure
23.19 Crore Producer Figure

Angry Birds Collected 2.16 Crore Producer Figure and 2.15 Crore Trade Figure at the box office on its opening day from 700 screens.

Veerappan was the widest release and collected the most but it should still have a lower weekend than Sarabjit as Sarabjit should do better than other releases as it will likely have more growth over these movies

Veerappan, Phobia, Waiting Budget

Veerappan, Phobia and  Waiting all are estimated to have a budget in the range of 8-15 Crores
accurate numbers will be updated soon.

All these movies are unlikely to do much as Housefull 3 releases next week and they have only 1 week to collect

Angry Birds was the best performer amongst all the movies but still its total was not too impressive.

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