Teenage Mutant Ninja India Box Office Collection

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles India Box office Collection

TNMNT First Weekend  in India: $930,654 Or Rs 5.67 Crore Gross

This is equivalent to Rs 4.36 crore nett.

This is slightly higher than the previous major hollywood release Guardians of Galaxy but is still average and will likely stay out  of the top 10 grossing hollywood movies in India in 2014

TNMNT weekend is also lower than Expendables 3 which had a $1.5 Million opening weekend in india.

TNMNT grossed Worldwide $279 Million with a gross of $167 Million in USA itself

Previous major hollywood release Guardians of Galaxy went on to gross to $2.23 Million in india which keeps it outside of  Top 10 in India.

Hollywood movies this year have failed to penetrate deeper into indian market with only Amazing Spiderman 2 and Transformers crossing the $10 Million gross in india in 2014.

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