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Fan 21 Days Box Office Collections : Poor

Fan   Box Office Collections

Fan Box Office Collections

Week 3
1.15 Crore  nett Trade Figure
1.15 Crore nett Producer Figure

Total India :
83.25  Crore nett Trade Figure
84.1 Crore nett Producer Figure

Verdict : Flop

$10.08 Million or Rs 66.86 Crore

183 Crore gross

Second Thursday Day 14
0.75  Crore nett Trade Figure
0.75 Crore nett Producer Figure

$9.78 Million or Rs 64.96 Crore gross for 14 days

Best markets were USA-Canada [$ 2.158 million]
and UAE-GCC [$ 3.55 million].

Second Wednesday Day 13
0.85  Crore nett Trade Figure
0.85 Crore nett Producer Figure

Second Tuesday Day 12
0.95  Crore nett Trade Figure
1 Crore nett Producer Figure

Second Monday Day 11
1  Crore nett Trade Figure
1.1 Crore nett Producer Figure

Second Friday to Second Monday crash is roughly 40-50%

172 Crore gross

Weekend 2: 
7.75 Crore Trade Figure
7.75 Crore Producer Figure

Day 10 
3.4 Crore

Day 9
2.65 Crore  (revised)

Day 8
1.7 Crore (revised)

Fan is second highest grossing bollywood movie of 2016 after Airlift

Second weekend is 85 % down from first weekend

Fan would be first SRK movie not to cross 100 Crores in India in last 6 years his last movie which did not hit 100 Crore was 2010’s My Name is Khan

Fan will only have this week to collect as most of the exhibitors are betting big on Baaghi next week.

Despite Fan not doing well  it is the highest grossing movie of 2016 in West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra, Assam and Orrisa purely due to reach of Shahrukh Khan

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Fan is also set to be first SRK movie not to do 200 Crores worldwide since 2008’s Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi.

Overseas First Week
$ 7.730 million [₹ 51.48 cr]
with best numbers in UAE-GCC [$ 2.953 mn]
 while USA-Canada [$ 1.690 mn].

Fan is the highest grossing movie in overseas in 2016 beating Kapoor and Sons and Airlift

Lifetime Overseas collections of Kapoor and Sons was  $7.02 Million and  Airlift’s was $6.38 Million which has been crossed by Fan in a week.

Box Office Verdict  (Hit Ya Flop):

Fan Needs to hit 120 Crores in India for recovery and is looking at a finishing loss of around 15-20 Crores for Yashraj Films which may get it a verdict of Flop 

India Distributor Share : 35 Crore approx
Overseas Distributor Share: 26 Crore approx
Budget: 105 Crore excluding SRK’s fee
Sattelite Rights: SRK’s fee

Recovery needed for Yash Raj Films: 44 Crores  distributor share from theatrical business

First Week Collection of fan are 3rd Highest of 2016 behind Airlift and Jungle Book after the opening weekend which was highest of 2016

Airlift had collected 80.95 Crores  and Jungle book had collected 73.26 Crores in their first weeke and Fan is now lower than that.

Daywise Breakup

Day 1 :
19.2 Crore Producer Figure in India

19.02 Crore Trade Figure in India

Day 2 :
15.34 Crore  Trade Figure in India
15.4 Crore Producer Figure

Day 3 :
17.74 Crore Trade Figure in India
17.75 Crore Producer Figure in India

Day 4 :
5.75 Crore Trade Figure
6.05 Crore Producer Figure

Total  First Weekend:

52.08 Crore Trade Figure in India
52.35  Crore Producer Figure

Day 5 :
5.5 Crore Trade Figure
5.75 Crore Producer Figure

Day 6 :
4 Crore Trade Figure
4.2 Crore Producer Figure

First Weekend Worldwide Box Office Collections:
114.26 Crore gross  Producer Figure
113.91 Crore gross Trade Figure

First Weekend Overseas:
$6.01 Million or Rs 40.05 Crores also the highest opening weekend in overseas in 2016

Day 1 Overseas:
$2.7 Million or Rs 17.93 Crore gross (Thu +Fri)

Day 1 is highest opener of 2016 and 17th highest of all time.

Fan Budget

Fan   Budget is 105 Crores

Production Cost: 85 Crores ,
Prints & Advertising Cost 20 Crores.

This is actually lower what recent movies of Shahrukh Khan cost.

Fan Screens

4600 Worldwide.  Screen Count in India is 3500 while overseas screen count is 1100.

Box Office Prediction of Fan

Life time : 150 Crores

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