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Sardaar Gabbar Singh Telugu Movie Review

Sardaar Gabbar Singh  Telugu Movie Review

Average Ratings:2.3/5

Reviews Counted:5
Score: 100% Positive
Neutral :2
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Ratings:1.5/5 Review By:Renuka Vyvahare Site:Times Of India

The movie puts you to sleep despite its loud execution with its yawn-worthy monotonous shenanigans. While the fans can still overlook it, the major drawback of the film is its length. Running for almost three hours, the tedious film is infested with never-ending songs that test your patience. Lack of story is the final nail in the coffin. To sum it all, Gabbar says “main Jo bhi bolta hu woh FIR bunjata hai.” Like the dialogue, this supposed comedy seems equally inconsequential. Whatever Kalyan says or does seems to have become a feature film. Kya samajhkar aaye the sardaar? … ki audience bahut khush hogi, shabashi degi?”

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Ratings:2.5/5 Review By:Venkat Site:GreatAndhra

The director has no grip on the movie this is clear from the first scene. But overall, this is a movie with less script, fine aspects of movie making and more about Pawan Kalyan and his mannerisms. All in all, “Sardaar Gabbar Singh” is a mess of inconsequential scenes with no coherence, no entertainment. It’s doubtful whether his fans will also like this borefest! Bottomline: Over To pawan Fans

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Ratings:3/5 Review By:123Telugu Site:123Telugu

On the whole, Sardaar Gabbar Singh will surely go well with all Pawan Kalyan fans. Right from the word go, it is Pawan’s solid screen presence and energetic performance that will bind you completely. Impressive first half and some stylish thrills are basic assets. But a weak story line, lengthy run time and a dragged out second half spoil the fun to an extent and make this film exclusive for fans only.

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Ratings:2/5 Review By:Sreeju Sudhakaran Site:BollywoodLife

First the story is so predictable that it takes you about fifteen minutes to unravel the whole plot. Action scenes are over the top, illogical and far too many. In the end, a wafer thin plot and characters who don’t take themselves seriously makes it a pain to watch. If you are a fan of Pawan Kalyan then you will watch it of course, critics be damned. But if you are not, then it is advisable to avoid it, or maybe watch it as a parody and see if that works for you. In the end, Sardaar Gabbar Singh is definitely not worth the hype it has been receiving.

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Ratings:2.5/5 Review By:VikramGuru Site:Chitramala

Sardaar Gabbar Singh starts with a biggest problem created by antagonist to the innocents of Rattanpur and sorrounding areas and people hoping for a person to stand for them as a leader and solve their problems. So our Power Star is only the hope. His mannerisms and acts involved in solving problems of Rattanpur people make fans go gaga over them. Scenes and situations are conceived putting just fans in mind. This half goes on with only Power Star’s style and charismatic acts. This half can be concluded as by Pawan Kalyan for his fans with Pawan Kalyan. It is a good half for fans and not okay for others. Second half starts in the same age old routine way where antagonist asses his power and it’s disturbance by protagonist. This half is a crap compared to first half except for some heroic acts. Makers should have taken care of the content first. To Sum up, Sardaar Gabbar Singh disappoints audience and fans alike for big time.

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Movie:   Sardaar Gabbar Singh  ( Telugu)

 Sardaar Gabbar Singh  Story: Vikram In the former princely state of Rattanpur, Bhairon Singh, a feudal landlord, wreaks havoc on the lives of villagers when he decides to usurp their lands by brute force. Arshi is a lonesome princess, who wants to come to their rescue; however, she finds herself in a helpless situation. Amidst these circumstances, a new police inspector, Sardaar Gabbar Singh, takes charge of the Rattanpur Police Station and soon, he falls in love with Arshi and also locks horns with Bhairon Singh to put an end to his atrocities.

Release Dates: Apr 8, 2016

 Director:   K. S. Ravindra

Producer:  Pawan Kalyan ,Sharrath Marar, Sunil Lulla

Pawan Kalyan as Gabbar Singh
 Kajal Aggarwal as Arshi,The Princess Raai Laxmi
Sharad Kelkar as Bhairon Singh

Genres: Telugu Action/Romance

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