Airlift Beats Jab Tak Hain Jaan Don 2 and Barfi after Two Weeks

Airlift Budget  Worldwide Box Office Collections

 Total till date:
106.46  Crores nett as per Trade figure
112.29 Crores nett as per Producer figure

180 Crore + gross

After Two Weeks Airlift has beaten Lifetime collections of  Jab Tak Hain Jaan , Don 2 and Barfi on the 100 Crore Club.

Airlift is also highest grossing niche ( Critically acclaimed) movie after beating  Barfi.

Airlift is also set to be first 200 Crore worldwide grosser for Akshay Kumar.

Airlift is 4th Highest Akshay Kumar grosser but has slowed down in week 2.

Release of Ghayal Once again will slow down Airlift but it should still collect good in week 3.

Day 14 India:
1.75 Crore nett Trade Figure
1.99 Crore nett as per Producer figure  

$6 Million +

Box Office Verdict
Super Hit

40 Crores + Akshay Kumar’s 80% share of profit

All India Distributor share 
50 Crore + on a cost of 32 Crores

Day 13 India:
1.83 Crore nett Trade Figure
2.4 Crore nett as per Producer figure 

Day 12 India:
2.04 Crore nett Trade Figure
2.61 Crore nett as per Producer figure

Total till date:
102.88 Crores nett as per Trade figure
107.9 Crores nett as per Producer figure 

Day 11 India:
2.03 Crore nett Trade Figure
2.53 Crore nett as per Producer figure

Total till date:
100.84 Crores nett as per Trade figure
105.29 Crores nett as per Producer figure 

5.18 mil. USD or Rs 35.22 crores

Rs 169.22 Crores

Airlift has dropped around 45-50% from its second Friday as it is only a metro driven movie

Airlift is Akshay Kumar’s 4th movie in 100 Crore club


 Day 10 India:
8.26 Crore nett as per Producer figure
7.82 Crore nett Trade Figure

Day 9 India:
6.02 Crore nett Trade Figure
6.5 Crore nett as per Producer figure

Day 8 India:
4.02 Crore nett Trade Figure
4.5 Crore nett as per Producer figure

Day 7 India:
4.94 Crore nett Trade Figure
5 Crore nett as per Producer figure


1.) Airlift first week collections are the highest ever for Akshay Kumar in his career.

2.) First Week is All Time 20th Highest Ever just behind Dabangg and Agneepath and ahead of 3 idiots.

3.) First Week is second Highest ever for a movie released in republic day week after Jai Ho.

Day 6 India:
5.82  Crore nett Trade Figure
6 Crores nett as per Producer figure

Day 5 India:
17.8 Crores as per Producer figure
17.06  Crore nett Trade Figure

Due to benefit of Republic day holiday Airlift is pretty much at same levels as on Sunday with collections rising all across both mass areas and single screens.

Airlift has now crossed 100 crores worldwide


Day 4 India
10.4 Crore nett as per Producer figure
10.3 Crores as per Trade figure

Day 3 India
17.35 Crores as per Producer figure

17.25 Crores as per Trade figure

The Opening weekend box office collections are 4th Highest for an Akshay Kumar movie behind Brothers, Rowdy Rathore and Singh is Bliing.

Day 2 India

14.56 Crores as per Trade figure
14.6 Crores as per Producer figure

Day 1 India:
12.35 Crore  as per Producer Figure

11.02 Crores as per Trade figure

Day 1 Overseas:
Total: 3.16 crores from 5 countries

USA+ Canada – 130,643 USD [88.28 lacs] from 80 screens

 U.K. – 50,014 USD [33.79 lacs] from 37 screens

 Australia – 28,676 USD [19.37 lacs] from 17 screens

 New Zealand – 13,029 USD [8.8 lacs] from 9 screens

UAE: AED 900,000 or Rs 1.66 Crores ( highest opening day gross for an Akshay Kumar Movie.)

check box office collections of Kya Kool Hain Hum 3 here.


First Day Box office collections of Airlift are lower if you compare it with opening days of other Akshay Kumar movies but is higher than Baby which had released to only 7.86 Crores last year in the same period.

The biggest positive is that the movie has collected more than Baby despite a clash with Kya Kool Hain Hum 3 and has reached an opening day in double figures which nobody in trade expected it to do.

Airlift vs Kya Kool Hain Hum 3 Region wise:
Punjab: Kya Kool Hain Hum 3: 68.5 lacs while Airlift 1.19 Crores

CI: Kya Kool Hain Hum 3: 26 lacs while Airlift 37 lacs

Rajasthan:Kya Kool Hain Hum 3: 38 lacs while Airlift 52 Lacs

West Bengal:Kya Kool Hain Hum 3:26 lacs while Airlift 45 Lacs

Top Akshay Kumar Movies Opening days box office collection

Singh is Bliing : 18.32 Crore
Rowdy Rathore: 14.03 Crores
Brothers: 13.68 Crores
Gabbar is Back 12.31 Crores
Holiday: 11.66 Crores

If compared to 2015 movies Airlift would have had an opening day which was 9th Highest . Airlift has done slightly better than Tamasha which was again a multiplex movie.

This genre which usually has very good critical reviews needs very strong word of mouth to do well

Airlift is best multiplexes and in North India especially multiplexes of Delhi, Punjab and Haryana due to star pull of  Akshay Kumar but was weaker in single screens and mass centers of India

Baby had a day 1 of 7.86 Crore as per Trade Figure and 9.3 Crore as per producer figures details of Baby’s Box Office Collections are here

Airlift Screens

2800 Pan India

Airlift Budget

Airlift Budget is 40 Crores without Akshay Kumar Salary which is usually 20-25 Crores alone.

Akshay Kumar will however take 80% of Profit

Production Cost: 27 Crores ,
Prints & Advertising Cost 13 Crores.

Akshay Kumar followed profit sharing model because of the lessons learned in Baby which was an average performer.

Airlift Hit Ya Flop ( Profit and Loss Analysis):

 Airlift All India Theatrical has been sold at 32 Crores to Prateek Builders entertainment arm
 and the Movie will be Hit when it crosses 64 Crores in India

Airlift Rights Costs  & Profits 

 Sattelite Rights have been sold at 20 Crores
 Music Rights 4 Crores
 Overseas Rights 7 Crores

 Pre Release revenue for Producers: 63 Crores

 Cost 40 Crores

 Pre Release Profits :23 Crores

 Akshay Kumar’s Pre release share of Profit: 80% of 23 Crores i.e 18.4 Crores.

 Producers profit : 4.6 Crores

Airlift Box Office Trade Expectations

Trade was not too excited about Airlift because of what had happened with last Akshay Kumar starrer Baby and os this was the opening expectations from Trade
Friday 8 Crore

 Sat 10 Crore

 Sun 12 Crore

 Weekend 30 Crore

Airlift Trailer:

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