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Tevar First Week Box Office Collection: Poor Thursday

Tevar Thursday Collection
2.76 Crore (Trade Figure)

partial holiday benefit and tax free benefit in U.P

7 Day Total
33.12 Crore (Trade Figure)

Tevar Wednesday Collection
2.54 Crore (Trade Figure)

6 Day Total
30.36 Crore (Trade Figure)

Tevar is seeing a continuous daily drop in its collections.

Drop between Tuesday and wednesday is again 15%.

Tevar Tuesday Collection
3.02 Crore (Trade Figure)

Tevar Fourth Day Collection
3.62 Crore (Trade Figure)

Tevar dropped by around 44 % on Monday from Friday which is decent but at low level for a big budget movie.

Tevar is tax free in UP which has helped it marginally.

Even overseas numbers are average from Tevar.

Tevar Third Day Collection:
7.76 Crore (Trade Figure)
8 Crore (Producer Figure)

First Weekend Total:
21.18 Crore (Trade Figure)
22.05 Crore  (Producer Figure)

Tevar grew only slightly on Sunday.

First weekend is 3rd Highest weekend for Arjun Kapoor behind Gunday and 2 states.

If weekend is compared with 2014 movies it would have been 19th Highest first weekend in 2014.

Tevar will now depend on how the weekdays does.

Tevar Second Day Collection:
6.98 Crore (Trade Figure)
7 Crore  (Producer Figure)

Two Days Total:
13.42 Crore (Trade Figure)
14.05 Crore  (Producer Figure)

Tevar  First Day Collection:
7.05 Crore (Producer Figure)
6.44 Crore (Trade Figure)

Tevar was flat on Saturday compared to Friday with only marginal growth.

Tevar has been best in central India but has not been as successful in the mass circuits as is expected of a masala movie.

Tevar has been sold at high prices to distributors and it seems that loss will be mostly with distributors

Budget:60 Crores
Production Cost: 45 Crores
P& A (Prints+Advertising): 15 Crores.

The costing works out in such a way that it needed 80 crores to be a hit however producers have managed to sell the movie with minimum guarantees which ensures that loss will not be with producers.

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