Guest Iin London Budget & 7th Day Box Office Collection: Flop

Guest Iin London Budget & 7th Day Box Office Collection 

Guest Iin London took a poor opening at box office in India

It is a Flop

Seventh Day:
0.55 Crore Trade Figure

7.5 Crore Trade Figure

Sixth Day:
0.6 Crore Trade Figure

Fifth Day:
0.7 Crore Trade Figure

Fourth Day:
0.65 Crore Trade Figure

Third Day:
2 Crore Trade Figure

Second Day:
1.75 Crore Trade Figure

First Day:
1.25 Crore Trade Figure

Guest Iin London’s opening was lower than both Spiderman Homecoming and Sridevi’s Mom though in massier areas like UP and Bihar opening of Guest Iin London was higher than urban Mom

Sad Part was that Mom and Guest Iin London combined only collected 3.75 Crores which is much lower than Hollywood release Spiderman Homecoming which collected 6.5 Crores on Friday.

Guest Iin London  Budget

Guest Iin London  is made on a budget of Rs 25 Crores all inclusive and is a low budget venture

Production Cost: 18 Crores

Prints & Advertising Cost: 7 Crores

Guest Iin London  Screens

Guest Iin London  is releasing in  approx 800 + screens in India

Guest Iin London Hit or Flop

Guest Iin London  Needs to cross 30 Crores to be called a hit.

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