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Tom Cruise Movies List 1981-2015

Tom Cruise Movies List 1981-2014

Here is the complete Tom Cruise Movies  List of all the movies released till date.This list of Tom Cruise filmography also contains Tom Cruise role details .

Movie Name

Release Dates



Endless Love   1981Billy
Taps  1981Cadet Captain David Shawn
The Outsiders 1983Steve Randle
Losin’ It 1983Woody
All the Right Moves 1983Stefen “Stef” Djordjevic
Risky Business 1983Joel Goodson
Legend 1985Jack O’ The Green
Top Gun 1986Lt. Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell
The Color of Money 1986Vincent Lauria
Cocktail 1988Brian Flanagan
Rain Man 1988Charlie Babbitt
Born on the Fourth of July 1989Ron Kovic
Days of Thunder 1990Cole Trickle
Far and Away 1992Joseph Donnelly
A Few Good Men 1992Lt. Daniel Kaffee
The Firm 1993Mitch McDeere
Interview with the Vampire 1994Lestat de Lioncourt
Mission: Impossible 1996Ethan Hunt
Jerry Maguire 1996Jerry Maguire
Eyes Wide Shut 1999Bill Harford
Magnolia 1999Frank T.J. Mackey
Mission: Impossible II 2000Ethan Hunt
Vanilla Sky 2001David Aames
Minority Report 2002John Anderton
The Last Samurai 2003Nathan Algren
Collateral 2004Vincent
War of the Worlds 2005Ray Ferrier
Mission: Impossible III 2006Ethan Hunt
Lions for Lambs 2007Senator Jasper Irving
Valkyrie 2008Claus von Stauffenberg
Tropic Thunder 2008Les Grossman
Knight and Day 2010Roy Miller
Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol  2011Ethan Hunt
Rock of Ages 2012Stacee Jaxx
Jack Reacher 2012Jack Reacher
Oblivion2013Jack Harper
Edge of Tomorrow 2014Maj. William “Bill” Cage
Mission: Impossible 5 2015Ethan Hunt

The special appearance movies are not part of this list
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