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Mark Wahlberg Movies List 1993-2015

Mark Wahlberg Movies List 1993-2015

Here is the complete Mark Wahlberg Movies  List of all the movies released till date.This list of Mark Wahlberg filmography also contains Mark Wahlberg character names .

Movie Name

Release Dates



The Substitute   1993Ryan Westerberg
The Basketball Diaries 1995Mickey
Fear 1996David McCall
Traveller 1996Pat O’Hara
Boogie Nights 1997Eddie Adams/Dirk Diggler
The Big Hit 1998Melvin Smiley
The Corruptor 1999Detective Danny Wallace
Three Kings 1999Troy Barlow
The Yards 2000Leo Handler
The Perfect Storm 2000Robert “Bobby” Shatford
Planet of the Apes 2001Captain Leo Davidson
Rock Star 2001Chris “Izzy” Cole
The Truth About Charlie 2002Joshua Peters
The Italian Job 2003Charlie Croker
I Heart Huckabees 2004Tommy Corn
Four Brothers 2005Robert “Bobby” Mercer
Invincible 2006Vincent “Vince” Francis Papale
The Departed 2006Sgt. Sean Dignam
Shooter 2007GySgt. Bob Lee Swagger
We Own the Night 2007Captain Joseph “Joe” Grusinsky
The Happening 2008Elliot Moore
Max Payne 2008Max Payne
The Lovely Bones 2009Jack Salmon
Date Night 2010Holbrooke Grant
The Other Guys 2010Detective Terry Hoitz
The Great Gatsby 2013Jay Gatsby
The Fighter 2010Micky Ward
Contraband 2012Chris Farraday
Ted 2012John Bennett
Broken City 2013Billy Taggart
Pain & Gain 2013Daniel Lugo
2 Guns 2013Michael “Stig” Stigman
Lone Survivor 2013Marcus Luttrell
Transformers: Age of Extinction 2014Cade Yeager
The Gambler 2014Jim Bennett
Ted 2 2015John Bennett

The special appearance movies or movies as producers are not part of this list
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