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Left Behind Review

Left Behind Rating: 1.5/5

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Left Behind Movie Review

Ratings:2/5 Review By: Gavin Rasquinha Site: Times Of India (TOI)

The basic premise of the film could have made for an engaging and far-out watch. The very concept of the Rapture could have been depicted with power and mystery, but instead the opposite is achieved in a film that just looks slapdash.

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Ratings:0.5/5 Review By: Paloma Sharma Site:Rediff

Left Behind features some poorly thought through dialogue on equality of religions and some worse actors who make you laugh every time they attempt to cry or portray fear. Cinematography consists of two techniques: a) still wide angles b) uncomfortable close ups. The miracle of Left Behind will touch your heart in such a way that you will get down on your knees and pray. You will pray to make it stop.Left Behind is a film you need to leave behind.

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