Kick Tuesday( Day 5) Worldwide Box Office Collection : had a great Eid

Kick First Tuesday ( Day 5) Box Office Collection 

Salman Khan in Kick

Kick Tuesday Collection
26.02 Crore (Trade figure)
28.89 Crore (Producer figure)

Total till date:
121.19 Crore (Trade Figure)
127.03 Crore (Producer Figure)

Kick is now highest grossing movie of 2014 beating Akshay Kumar’s Holiday.

Kick had a great Eid and collections have doubled in areas which were earlier affected by Eid like UP, Andhra, Bihar etc.

Kick had a huge jump and more than doubled its monday numbers.

In many areas Tuesday was its highest grossing day.

These numbers are huge but a little below what trade was expecting.

Kick now looks all set to be 4th film to cross 200 crores

Kick is now Salman Khan’s 7th film to cross 100 crore and will likely be his highest grossing film ever.

After 5 days Kick is ahead of Chennai Express but behind Dhoom 3 however Chennai express had a holiday benefit on its 7th day

Kick looks likely to have 2nd Highest first week ever.

Comparison of First Five Days (Trade Figures):
Dhoom 3:  134.53 Crore
Chennai Express: 116.43 Crore ( with paid previews)
Kick: 120-122 Crore

Producer figure breakup:

Monday : 14.41 Crore
Sunday: 30.18 Crore
Saturday 27.15 Crore
Friday: 26.4 Crore

Trade figure breakup:
Monday : 13.16 Crore

Sunday: 30.04 Crore

Saturday 25.98 Crore
Friday: 25.99 Crore

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