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Machhli Jal Ki Rani Hai Review

Machhli Jal Ki Rani Hai Rating: 1.75/5 

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Machhli Jal Ki Rani Hai Movie Reviews

Ratings:2/5 Review By: Renuka Vyvahare Site: Times Of India (TOI)

Novelty cannot be expected much in horror, given the nature of the genre. But if the cliched scenes manage to scare you, the job is done. Machhli Jal Ki Rani Hai has a formulaic premise too – a woman alone in a haunted house, doors shutting by themselves, mysterious gory deaths, ‘I-believe-in-ghosts’ maid and an exorcism in the climax. While the film has incorporated all the elements possible, it struggles to maintain tension. The focus diverts from ghost presence and possession to the couple hosting dinner parties for their friends. Inclusion of other insignificant characters adds to the length and take away from the content, thus weakening the plot

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Ratings:– Review By: Komal Nahta Site:Zee ETC Bollywood Business

Nattasha Rana and Sailesh Pratap Singh’s story is a routine horror tale with no semblance of novelty. The screenplay, penned by Debaloy Dey, follows the tried and tested path of horror dramas and although there are a few scary scenes, the lack of novelty in the film makes it predictable and brings in complacency among the viewers. On the whole, Machhli Jal Ki Rani Hai is a fairly well-made film but lack of novelty on the one hand and limited promotion and too much opposition on the other will greatly restrict its ability to do much at the box-office. In fact, it may go largely unnoticed at the box-office because of the aforementioned problem areas.

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Ratings:1.5/5 Review By: Rahul Desai Site: Mumbai Mirror

That I can, in any given Hindi language horror film, shut my eyes and use my ears to decipher every impending moment of horror/exorcism/death is perhaps the biggest drawback of this stuttering genre. This film is only an extension of most directors’ obsolete interpretation of chills and thrills, with lower production values and tacky visual effects. The story can be spelled out in code words: past, water-witch, Exorcist, present, happy family, haunted house, fishtank, possessed wife, return of exorcist, great success.

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