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Satyagraha Box Office Collections (First Week Report)


Satyagraha Total Box Office Collections Till Date

Producers Figure:

Total Collection till Sep 9 as per Producers is Rs 61.77 Crore in India

Distributors Figure:

Total Collection till Sep 9 as per Distributors  is Rs 53.81 Crore In India
Total Overseas Collection: Rs 9.26 Crore

Satyagraha Budget:
Satyagraha had a production budget of Rs 62 Crore and Print and Advertising budget of Rs 17 Crore i.e Total Landing cost of Rs 79 Crore.

Satyagraha Box office Verdict:
Satygraha is looking at 61-62 Crore box office collection lifetiime and is looking as a flop.

Satyagraha Satellite Rights:
Satyagraha could earn Rs 30 Crore from satellite rights.

Satyagraha released on 2712 Screens in India.

Word of Mouth is Mixed for Satyagraha and reviews not so great

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  1. Yah I know your grandparents were servants of the foreigners and thats okay of you praising english high rated movies but what you must do least is to shut up when you dont like and if you say you dont like shut up your hollywood advertisement.

  2. A foolish comment by a foolish person!!

    This shows how ignorant and closed minded retards can be!

    Going by your logic, the least you should do is to shut up and troll somewhere else if you don't like my comment.
    This also means people should shut up when Petrol price rise, crime, rape incidents break new records and continue to live their unhappy pathetic lives. Simply because they don't like it, right?

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    I was highlighting that other world. Now if you are so pathetic as to call OLD BOY and THE 400 BLOWS Hollywood movies then buddy I cant help you.
    God help your inferiority

  3. Great movie in our nation.

  4. Satyagraha is an Ok movie…but C.E total shit and still came as Super hit.

  5. CE was never a super hit…it is entertainment movie…each movie has its own content and value….satyagraha cant make u smile…but CE can….CE cant have logic…but Satyagraha can…

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