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Krrish 3 Sixteen Days Box Office Collections:

Krrish 3  Sixteen Days  Box Office Collections

Total Sixteen Days  (Untill Third Saturday ) Box Office Collections till now

Producer Figure:
Total Sixteen Days Collections In India:
Total : 231.46 Crore Nett ( All Languages)

Trade Figure:
Total Sixteen Days Collections in India :
Rs 184 Crore Nett ( All languages)
173 Crore Nett  ( Hindi)
11 Crore Nett ( Tamil +Telugu)

Krrish 3 Profit Loss ( Hit ya Flop)

Budget: Rs 115 Crore

Box Office Verdict:  Blockbuster

Box Office Position:
As per producer  Figures: Krrish 3 is number 1. As per trade  Figures  Krrish 3 is number 5 for details please visit ( Best 10 Bollywood Movies of All Time) Post release of Ram Leela Krrish 3’s screens have reduced substantially and this is the last week were it will collect substantial numbers since next week 2 more movies will release.


Daywise Summary India Producer Figure(All Languages)Trade Figure(Hindi)
Week 1Rs  166.52 CroreRs 122.11 Crore
Day 8Rs  9.16 CroreRs 7.63 Crore
Day 9Rs  14.23 CroreRs 10.53 Crore
Day 10Rs  16.35 CroreRs 12.73 Crore
Day 11Rs  5.47 CroreRs 4.75 Crore
Day 12Rs  5.04 CroreRs 3.93 Crore
Day 13Rs  4.46 CroreRs 3.57 Crore
Day 14Rs  4.77 CroreRs 4.25 Crore
Day 15Rs  2.44 CroreRs 1.75 Crore
Day 16Rs  3.02 CroreRs 1.75 Crore
TotalRs 231.46 CroreRs 173 Crore

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  1. As with all box office data on our site the figures can be approximate and we do not make any claims about the authenticity of the data. However they are adequately indicative of the box-office performance of the film.

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  1. i am also a trade analyst and i have found from various theater owner and distributors the collection of krrish 3 till 16 days is hindi version-211 crores and tamil+telgu version-25 crores all together the collection in domestic market is 236 crores but producer is showing 5 crores less. may be because of huge collection in the domestic market even the producer can get confused with figure and those trade figure mentioned on this website is just an estimate not an accurate collection and u can also say this a fake collection what they are showing on trade figure.but i have found from various circuit i got the figure of 236 crore from all version still some few theater are remaining because krrish 3 is a wide release in india but what i have found is an accurate figure of krrish 3.if u believe or not but fact can't change by anyone and krrish 3 is an all time blockbuster of india and in history of indian cinema.

  2. Anonymous – I guess u r Rakesh Roshan trying to prove Krrish 3 is the higest earner . But sir collections comes secondary to CONTENT which was lacking in your g8 movie

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