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Krrish 3 Sixth Day Wednesday Box Office Collections

Krrish 3  Sixth Day Wednesday  Box Office Collections

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Total Six Days (First Weekend + Monday+Tuesday) Box Office Collections: 

Producer Figure:
Total Six Days Collections In India:
 Rs 152.98 Crore Nett  

Trade Figure:
Total Six Days Collections in India:
 Rs 114.77 Crore Nett  

Total Collections: Rs 24.86 Crores

Producers Figure wise  Krrish 3 is ahead of Chennai Express at 6th day and will also take the record of highest first week collections. Producers Figure being released by Roshans will ensure a 200 Crore in week 2 and most possibly ahead of CE lifetime for Krrish 3. The trade figures seems to suggest that Ramleela’s performance will determine whether Krrish 3 will cross 200 crores or not.

Trade Figure:
Sixth Day Collections ( Hindi) :  Rs 13.02 crore Nett

Fifth Day Collections ( Hindi) :  Rs 20.75 crore Nett

Fourth Day Collections ( Hindi) :  Rs 31.75 crore Nett

 Third Day Collections ( Hindi) :  Rs 14.78 crore Nett
 Second Day Collections ( Hindi) :  Rs 15.64 Crore Nett

 First Day ( Hindi): Rs 18.83 Crore Nett
Three Days ( Tamil + Telugu): Rs 4.5 Crore Nett
Producer Figure ( Endorsed by Hrithik Roshan):
Sixth Day Collections (All Languages) :  Rs 18.11 crore Nett
Fifth Day Collections ( All Languages) :  Rs 26.26 crore Nett

Fourth Day Collections (All Languages) :  Rs 35.91 crore Nett
Third Day Collections ( All languages) :  Rs 24.3 Crore Nett

Second Day ( All languages) : Rs 23.2 Crore Nett

First Day ( All languages): Rs 25.2 Crore Nett

Total: Rs 27 Crore
US and Canada: Rs 6.84 Crore
UK: Rs 5.01 Crore
UAE: Rs 7.95 Crore
Australia: Rs 1.82 Crore
Pakistan: Rs 1.57 Crore
New Zealand: Rs 48.6 Lakhs

Krrish 3 Box Office Verdict ( Hit ya Flop)
Krrish will definitely be a hit the quantum will be more clear over next few days.

Krrish 3 Budget:
Cost + P&A: 115 Crores

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  1. Why this variation of collection is done……………………

  2. please let us know thursday collections admin

  3. You should ask this question to Hrithik and Rakesh Roshan

  4. Taran Adarsh and Komal nahata and Producers figures are all fake. Bollymoviereviewz is the only site which gave correct figs..even the leadings news sites like Financial express are quoting producers figures. This is how media is manipulated. Good work bollymoviereviewz guys

  5. then why should I take TRADE figures are correct?? Only producers can give exact figure. see the difference between boxofficeindia.com and boxofficeindia.co.in 's data.. It shows these sites are back dated in the era of TWITTER .

  6. It is different bcoz they r nt adding south business..where as taran etc / producers adds it…
    Nd chennai exp collection added south collection thts y it reaches 228 crs…

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