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Mariyaan Tamil Movie Review (Dhanush)

Mariyaan   Rating: 3.37/5

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Mariyaan Tamil  Movie Review

Ratings:3/5 Review By: Behindwoods Review Board Site:Behindwoods

The movie’s pace is leisurely all the way and the director might have deliberately slowed it down for the audience to feel the intensity of the emotions longer. The first half is mostly used to set up the deep bond between Maryan and Panimalar and whether this bond can withstand all the pain and suffering, is what the second half narrates. Verdict: A movie with breathtaking visuals, heart-stopping music, terrifically talented cast set on a very leisurely paced narrative.

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Ratings:3/5 Review By: S Sarswathi Site:Rediff

D-DAY tackles a knotty issue and it’s imperative that Nikhil stays close to authenticity. The demanding plot and the edgy, gritty and raw situations, besides the ambience [recreating Karachi], makes this espionage thriller so different from the gangster films we have witnessed on the Hindi screen thus far. The four patriots, each with a back story, joining hands for a common mission, their expedition and how the hunters become the hunted in the neighbouring country gives the film that edge and power that’s hard to expunge from memory. On the whole, D-DAY is what a well-made thriller ought to be — taut, transfixing and spellbinding, with an astounding finale. Don’t miss this high-octane thriller!

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Ratings:4/5 Review By: N Venkateswaran Site:TimesOfIndia (TOI)

And thankfully, rather than glorifying Maryan as a larger than life hero, Bala shows him as an ordinary fisherman who rises above his circumstances and fights for freedom, thanks to the belief his lover reposes in him. There are a few problems though that prevent the movie from taking a shot at greatness — the token gesture to include the Sri Lankan attacks on Indian fishermen seems like an afterthought, the stereotyping of the African kidnappers and the many irritating continuity problems. Also, for a man who gives logical replies to his friends about why he does not want to fall in love, Maryan’s change of heart is a bit too quick and unconvincing. Note: A soulful love story, but candy floss is not on the menu.

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Ratings:3.5/5 Review By: IndiaGlitz Site:IndiaGlitz

From shouldering the huge burden of hype and hoopla, Dhanush the actor has broken free from the stage of ROUTINE to an unfazed zone of acting. Mariyan strikes the unique balance of cinematic experience with everything you can dream of. In the hour of test and faith, Love prevails and gets the man ashore swaying all odds. Dhanush, the National awardee comes out with yet an award winning performance, so memorable you would forget to finish off the popcorn.

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Ratings:– Review By: Baradwaj Rangan Site:The Hindu

But the slog through these stretches is made worthwhile when Maryan returns home, and we see how Parvathi responds to his presence, registering his physicality first, the fact that he’s really there, and then falling gently into his arms. It’s the quietest of reunions, and it reaffirms what we’ve almost forgotten in Tamil cinema, that love stories are a two-way street, and they need a strong actress as much as an actor. Where has she been hiding all this while? A wonderful romance, but needed to be more.

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Ratings:– Review By: Malini Mannath Site:New Indian Express

Midway through the movie, the screenplay takes a nosedive. It hangs somewhere between a love saga and an action thriller, the two halves not quite jelling. The horror of the moments where Maryan and his friend (Jagan) are kidnapped and brutally treated should have touched a sympathetic chord in one. But they leave you untouched, the urgency and expediency of the moment failing to come through. The scenes of Maryan hallucinating is likely to go above the head of a lay viewer. After about 151 minutes since the movie, Maryan’s journey does seem a rather long and dreary one.

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