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Ek Tha Tiger Music Review (Salman Khan)

Ek Tha Tiger Songs Rating: 3.8/5

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Ek Tha Tiger Music Review

Ratings:3.5/5 Reviewer:Joginder Tuteja Site:Bollywood Hungama

Music of Ek Tha Tiger is good though one expected it to have gone all the way further up. Call it the burden of expectations but then as the saying goes, with huge power comes responsibility. In case of Ek Tha Tiger, there isn’t any composition that puts you off. In fact what is noticeable is the fact that the overall sound of the album remains more or less consistent. However one still feels that there could have been that ‘little something’ more for the loyal Salman base. Nevertheless, there are tracks like ‘Banjaara’ and ‘Saiyaara’ (and to some extent ‘Mashallah’ as well) which would ensure that Ek Tha Tiger finds itself hot at the music stands as well as ring-tones circuit. This, coupled with the fact that there is immense curiosity to check out what the album is all about, would help ensure good moolah coming in for Ek Tha Tiger.OUR PICK(S) Banjaara, Saiyaara, Mashallah

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Ratings:4/5 Reviewer:Purva Desai Site:Times of India

A good effort by Sohail Sen and Sajid-Wajid because the album is fresh and sounds new, where the music composers have made an attempt to incorporate world sounds. The music is so different from Kabir Khan’s earlier films like Kabul Express and New York which makes the music of Ek Tha Tiger a welcome surprise!

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Ratings:3.5/5 Reviewer:Sheetal Tiwari Site:BollySpice

In summary, Ek Tha Tiger lives up to expectations and will no doubt increase the level of excitement with which fans are awaiting it. Sajid-Wajid and Sohail Sen have reached new heights with their compositions, entirely attributable to the fact that the album successfully features music from other continents. This sets them apart from the crowd and sets new benchmarks. However, it cannot be ignored that the soundtrack would stand to do better if the unnecessary remixes were replaced with original compositions. Then again, what are ‘Skip’ buttons for?

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Ratings:4/5 Reviewer:IANS Site:IBNLive

Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif pair up after a long time in Kabir Khan’s ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ and their chemistry gets a boost with the film’s soundtrack. It has eight tracks, a mix of compositions by Sajid-Wajid, Sohail Sen and Julius Packiam.Overall, the soundtrack of ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ offers the listener the romantic and action flavour of the movie. This one’s definitely an entertaining affair with an array of sounds for music lovers.

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Ratings:4/5 Reviewer:Satyajit Site:Glamsham

EK THA TIGER roars with multi-cultured international musical feel, a musician delight that primarily targets classy listeners. Unlike massy tracks of DABANGG, WANTED, READY or BODYGUARD, it has more classy appeal attached to it and all credits goes to composer’s skillfulness in catching every aura, genre and format. Sohail Sen shows his brawny skills this time by capturing out every desired international musical feel in tracks like “Laapata” (Latin American), “Banjaara” (Irish folk) and “Saiyaara” (Indian classical/ Sufism), a hitherto effort that should convert itself into bright prospect on big screen. Sajid-Wajid (guest composer) delivers the catchiest of the lot in “Mashallah” (Arabic), a frolicsome dancing number that has already created waves for this spy-thriller. Mercurially high on “curiosity quotient”, lavish production values, bankable face value and incredible action stunts, EK THA TIGER is presumed to be opening big on audio stands and is likely to be enjoying a big shelf-life.

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Ek Tha Tiger Songs List

  1. Banjaara
  2. Laapata
  3. Saiyaara 
  4. Mashallah
  5. Tiger’s Theme