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Paan Singh Tomar Review

Paan Singh Tomar Rating:  3.57/5

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Paan Singh Tomar Movie Review

Ratings:3.5/5 Reviewer:Rajeev Masand Site:IBNLive (CNN IBN)

With his faultless performance as the famed athlete who turns into a feared dacoit in director Tigmanshu Dhulia’s Paan Singh Tomar, Irrfan Khan offers us a reminder of his blazing versatility.Directed competently by Dhulia, who’s familiar and comfortable even with the dusty terrain, Paan Singh Tomar is made with great attention to detail, and paints an honest, realistic picture of an India few of us can claim to know. Although repetitive occasionally and a tad long, the film raises two important questions: What could possibly drive a patriotic soldier into crossing over to the dark side? And although we call them sporting heroes, do we really care about our athletes once their careers are over?I’m going with three-and-a-half out of five for director Tigmanshu Dhulia’s Paan Singh Tomar. Held up by a remarkable performance from Irrfan Khan, this is a well-intentioned film that’s worth your time

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Ratings:3.5/5 Reviewer:Taran Adarsh Site:Bollywood Hungama

Tigmanshu takes us into the world of Paan Singh Tomar and enlightens us the reasons that impelled a sportsman to take law in his hands. That itself is its USP, for this is no typical vendetta fare. It is a factual account of a sportsman who brought honor to the country, but felt betrayed when he needed the country the most. PAAN SINGH TOMAR is yet another masterstroke from a consummate raconteur. On the whole, PAAN SINGH TOMAR shatters the standard rules of this genre. Besides, the film makes you cognizant that serious cinema can be uniformly delightful, like any other enthralling entertainer. If this variety of cinema allures you then chances are that you will take pleasure in watching PAAN SINGH TOMAR. Recommended!

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Ratings:3.5/5 Reviewer:Avijit Ghosh Site:Times Of India

in director Tigmanshu Dhulia’s biopic, Paan Singh Tomar, the two worlds collide. And the result is a rather exquisite blend of drama, humour and tragedy; altogether eminently enjoyable good cinema. In a country obsessed with overpaid cricketers, a biopic on a former national champion athlete is reason enough to celebrate. But Dhulia’s film is much more. It is one of superbly crafted film that underlines the linkage of life, sports and society.

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Ratings:1/5 Reviewer:Komal Nahata Site:Koimoi

What’s Good: The first half; the performances. What’s Bad: The second half which is a routine revenge drama; the difficulty which the lay viewer will face while trying to understand the Bundelkhandi dialect in which the dialogues are spoken.Verdict: Paan Singh Tomar does not make too much of a mark, thanks to the dull second half.Watch or Not?: Watch it for Irrfan Khan’s performance and also for the other actors.

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Ratings:3.5/5 Reviewer:Aseem Chhabra Site:Rediff

The first half of the film has Tomar shining as an athlete for the Bengal Engineers regiment in Roorkee with many remarkable, convincing and well edited athletic scenes . In the second half, Tomar’s post-army life is a messy tragedy for the man is drawn into a family argument over a plot of land. He had placed so much faith in the Indian army and the police force, but when all else fails he takes up arms to protect himself, his family, honor and more. Under Dhulia’s direction, the transition of Paan Singh Tomar, the gentle athlete who carries a picture and memory of a Japanese female fan, and flirts with his wife (Mahie Gill ) in the sweetest manner, to the feared rebel, seems justifiable. As the audience, we stand by Tomar despite some heinous crimes committed by him and his gang,. Dhulia statement is clear — in an unjust society, some crimes become a necessity!.PST reminds us never to forget that shame of India.

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Ratings:3/5 Reviewer:Kunal Guha Site:Yahoo

Predictably, Paan Singh is a victim of society and unavoidable circumstances push him to pick up his rustic double barrel. And like many other Bollywood baddies, he meets his inglorious end. But the journey of his life makes for a delightful watch. For a film that has an inevitable end, Paan and gang’s many adventures, several narrow escapes and meticulously engineered gips are fascinating and keep you hooked, tensed and even worried.

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Ratings:4/5 Reviewer:Blessy Chettiar Site:DNA

Dhulia gets it right all the time. But the transformation is too quick to be believable, my only problem with Paan Singh Tomar. Forgivable when pitted against the film as a whole. The length could have been worked upon too. Dialogue, as is true for most Dhulia films, is the strongest point of this one too.Gritty and power packed Paan Singh Tomar is a tribute to the unsung heroes of sports in India. Dhulia’s direction and Irrfan’s integrity will make Paan Singh Tomar among the best movies of recent times.

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Ratings:4/5 Reviewer:Daily Bhaskar Site:Dainik Bhaskar

A well-woven plot, when shored up with an intriguing screenplay, the outcome is bound to be just the best. What makes Paan Singh Tomar even special is that despite being predictable, it leaves you awe-struck with some intelligent sub-plots. The narration defines the psychology of a man, who’s peace loving, but turns into a believer of an eye for an eye.Also, Paan… enlists itself as one of the very few films, where dialogues further thicken the plot thus, leaving the spectator at the edge of the seat to explore what lies next.A performance par excellence by Irrfan Khan, stupendous direction, impressive dialogues, and a powerful screenplay makes Paan Singh Tomar a flawless venture. Sluggish editing, however leaves the film slightly lengthy which though can easily be ignored.On the whole, Paan Singh Tomar breaks rules and cries out loud that meaningful cinema can be equally entertaining like any rib-tickling masala film. Highly recommended!

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