Mr Nookayya Telugu Movie Review

Mr Nookayya Rating: 2.62/5

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Mr Nookayya Telugu Movie Review

  Ratings:3/5 Reviewer:Jeevi Site:Idlebrain

Plus points of the film are Manoj’s action sequences and the screenplay in the second half. On the flipside, the direction should have been more compact and the plot should have been effectively set-up in the first half. The entertainment is good in parts. On a whole, Mr. Nookayya is a hatke film that targets people who like different films.

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 Ratings:2/5 Reviewer:Radhika Rajamani Site:Rediff

Director Ani Kanneganti begins Mr Nookayya fairly well, with plenty of action, villains, and suspense, but the energy seems to peter out. The film meanders its way to the climax. The emphasis and concentration seemed to be on the action sequences; perhaps a similar attention to the storyline would have helped. The unnecessary graphics could also have been done away with. You won’t miss much by giving Mr Nookayya a miss.

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 Ratings:2.75/5 Reviewer:Venkat Site:GreatAndhra

Here, the plot chosen was alright but a lot depends on the screenplay and the entertainment factor laced with it. Both had hiccups so the end product looked like good in parts. Though the first half goes without much excitement, the interval bang was worth.The second half gets into a slow takeoff but the real punch is delivered in the last twenty minutes.Overall, the film scores in the technical and performance departments but was not that competent in content and execution.Good in parts!!

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  Ratings: Reviewer:OneIndia Site:OneIndia

The only draw back of the film is the poor direction by Ani Kanneganti. Though, he has a very good storyline, he could not narrate it properly. He has lost grip on the story throughout the film. The entire first half of the film is very slow and pathetic. The interval bang is, however, good. Again he has lost grip on the subject in the second half. However, the climax is good.The screenplay of the film is very loose and that is the reason he could not narrate the story properly. Had the director penned the screenplay, the film could have gone to places.

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Ratings:2.75/5 Reviewer:Supergoodmovies Site:SuperGoodMovies

Mr. Nokia storyline is surely exciting. The characterization of hero and his goal has an uncanny resemblance to Allu Arjun’s Cable Seenu track in Vedam movie. Despite having a solid story, the director faltered with the screenplay. First half of the movie is not up to the mark. Only the interval point is good up to some extent.Second half too starts on a dull note and turns in to a road film. Hero heroines take road journey for most part of the second hour. The film has been dragged a bit in this part. Few scenes clicked and sustained the interest. There are few twists thrown in to the narrative towards the end and they are fine.On a whole Mr. Nokia lacks the necessary punch to enthrall the masses.Mr. Nookayya is a mild entertainer with some good moments. Manoj’s performance and energy are the assets. We have to wait and watch for audience reception for this film.

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