Malligadu Telugu Movie Review (Paruthivaran Tamil )

Malligadu Rating:2.5/5

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Malligadu Telugu Movie Review

  Ratings: Reviewer:OneIndia Site:OneIndia

The director should be commended for certain scenes which impresses the audiences hearts. Especially, when the scene of gang rape was shot with a bleeding woman who is ready to die is very impressive. However, such scenes may not go well with the Telugu audiences. The climax, however, was quite boring and tested the patience of audiences. The dialogues in the film too are not so impressive.As it is told for many a times in this review, the Tamil scent and Telugu nativity of the film make the Telugu audiences to watch the film so impatiently, despite the terrific performance by Karthi and Priyamani. You can avoid watching the movie if you are not a fan of Karthi.

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Ratings:2.5/5 Reviewer:Supergoodmovies Site:SuperGoodMovies

The pace of the film is also agonizingly slow. Tamil audience especially from the rural areas connected with the characters and situations in the film and that is the reason why it had clicked at the box office.Second half is better with the romantic scenes between the lead pair, but the shocking climax will leave audiences in depression. It would be extremely hard to digest the last scene in this movie.Malligadu stands out due to superb performances of Karthi and Priyamani. However, the film may not be liked by majority of Telugu audience due to too much Tamil nativity and the brutal yet shocking climax scene. This one is not recommended for sensitive audience.

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